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General info

Thesis can be submitted as a digitally signed PDF by the author and the supervisor to the Secretary of the Defence Committee Pille Pata (pille.pata@taltech.ee). All questions related to the defence will be answered by the Secretary of the Committee or the Chairman of the Committee. The PDF must allow check for plagiarism. 

In addition to the thesis:

  1. Review - must be received no later than 3 days before the defence.
  2. Non-exclusive license - signed by the author (digitally) at the end of the work (attached to the PDF).

Here you will find a Non-exclusive license and a metadata format. Metadata (Word), thesis (pdf), thesis summary (in Estonian pdf) and reviewer's data should be sent to pille.pata@taltech.ee as soon as possible.

Only the summary of the thesis is uploaded to the library. 

PhD defences

2022 PhD defences

  1. 07 June 10:00 Kamini Atindrakumar Mishra will defened her thesis  "Synthesis of Chiral Urea-based Macrocycles and their Application as Molecular Containers"

    • Supervisor: Prof. Riina Aav (Tallinn University of Technology)  

    • Opponents: Prof. Agnieszka Szumna (Institute of Organic Chemistry, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland) & Dr. Kerti Ausmees (National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics, Estonia)

    • Live stream 

  2. 07 June 15:00 Kairit Eha will defened her thesis  "Impact of Short-term Heat Treatment on the Structure and Functional Properties of Carrageenans" 

    • Supervisors: Assoc Prof Katrin Laos (Tallinn University of Technology) & PhD Margus Friedenthal (Põllumajandusuuringute Keskus)

    • Opponents:  PhD Kadri Koppel, (Mars Inc) & Prof Tõnu Püssa, (Estonian University of Life Sciences)

    • Live stream

  3. 13 June 12:00 Estelle Silm will defened her thesis "Asymmetric Organocatalytic Reactions of Cyclopentane-1,2-dione" 

    • Supervisor: Prof Tõnis Kanger (Tallinn University of Technology) 

    • Opponents: Prof Andrei Malkov (Loughborough University, UK) & Assoc Prof Uno Mäeorg (Tartu Ülikool, Estonia) 

    • Live strema 

  4. 15 June 12:00 Evelin Kivima will defened her thesis "Characterising and Determining the Botanical Origin of Estonian Honeys "

    • Supervisor:  Assoc Prof Katrin Laos (Tallinn University of Technology) 

    • Opponents: Assoc Prof Vilma Kaškonienė (Vytautas Magnus University, Lithuania) & PhD Riin Rebane (Tartu Ülikool, Estonia) 

    • Live stream 

Defended Dissertations can be found HERE.