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Industrial Chemistry Laboratory

The main task of the Industrial Chemistry Laboratory is to solve the chemical and chemical technology problems of industrial companies.

The laboratory operates on a contractual basis and covers its own operating costs. The creation of the Industrial Chemistry Laboratory was motivated by the growing interest of companies in innovation and research-based solutions. The main force of the laboratory is young researchers who have taken on the mission of Estonian industry and innovation and economic development.

With its activities, the Industrial Chemistry Laboratory supports the growth of the competitiveness of Estonian industry and the application of new technologies. 
Contact: Kati Muldma kati.muldma@taltech.ee, phone: 620 2958

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Founded in 2017


  • Implementation of chemical development projects
  • Carrying out small-scale development projects and practice-oriented work
  • Preparation and evaluation of problem-based reviews in the field of chemistry





  • Paldiski Tsingipada Joint stock company – possible improvement of the technological process (2017)
  • VKG – possibilities of new technology for oil shale oil refining based on literature (2017)
  • Kerogen Ltd – a new technological platform for oil shale kerogen enhancement (2017-2019) (see added report KEROX I)
  • Sporrong Eesti Ltd – determination of acid additives (2019)
  • KemiMet International Ltd – determination of chemical additives (2019)
  • Kerogen Ltd – research and improvement of the existing oil shale oil production and refining technology (2019-2020)
  • Kerogen Ltd – technological platform for processing oil shale kerogen into dicarboxylic acids (2020-2022) (see added report KEROX II)

As a result of the last two projects, laboratory technology was created for the direct conversion of oil shale into valuable Basic reagents for the chemical industry. This is the first milestone in establishing an oil shale-based the chemical industry in Estonia. A laboratory test device for the production of dicarboxylic acids has been completed, the results of which are the basis for construction of an industrial test device.

On May 24, 2022, on the occasion of the end of an important stage of the development works, the laboratory test device for oil shale processing was officially put into operation – academician Margus Lopp, who led the research work, representative of the Alexela Heiti Hääl and rector of the Tallinn University of Technology Tiit Land made speeches.

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From left: Heiti Hääl, Tiit Landi, Margus Lopp

New application project KEROX III started on November 1, 2022 - "An Advances Technological Platform for Obtaining Dissolved Carboxylic Fraction and Dicarboxylic acids by Oxidation of Oil Shale".