Tallinn University of Technology

About the Department

The activities of the Department of Energy Technology include chemical engineering, environmental engineering, thermal engineering, thermal power plants, heat economy and thermal energy.
The research is divided into two main directions: oil shale technologies (fluidized bed boilers in oil shale industry, calculation methodology for determining oil shale and composition of combustion products, environmental safety problems) and small energy (small boilers, wind power, bioenergy, energy economy).
The Department of Energy Technology provides services in four accredited testing activities: chemical analyses of fuels, ash, precipitation, measurement of air emissions, determination of the metal condition of pressurized equipment and thermal measurements.


  • Research Group of Sustainable Energy and Fuels - Tenured Associate Professor Alar Konist
  • Research Group of Smart District Heating Systems and Integrated  Assessment Analysis of Greenhouse Gases Emissions - Tenured Associate Professor Anna Volkova
  • Laboratory of Fuel and Air Emission Analysis - Senior Researcher Oliver Järvik


  • Alar Konist - Tenured Associate Professor, Director
  • Tõnu Pihu - Tenured Associate Professor
  • Anna Volkova - Tenured Associate Professor
  • Oliver Järvik - Senior Research Scientist
  • Dmitri Nešumajev - Senior Research Scientist
  • Andrei Dedov - Senior Lecturer
  • Inna Kamenev - Senior Lecturer
  • Igor Krupenski - Senior Lecturer
  • Eduard Latõšov - Associate Professor
  • Sven Kamenev - Lead Engineer
  • Kertu Lepiksaar - Early Stage Researcher