Tallinn University of Technology


Project development for active control of thermochemical transformations of regional biomass resources with improved quality of produced energy and increase of European climate neutrality (BioTech)


The purpose of the project:  development of an international project within the framework of the competition announced by Horizon or another international program in the field of climate change and environmental protection.

 Activities planned in the project:        

  1. Monitoring of tenders of Horizon and other programs announced in 2023, in order to search for a tender related to the control and improvement of biofuel gasification and bioenergy production processes;
  2. Evaluation of the selected competition in the field of biofuel and bioenergy production control and development technologies, process control, numerical simulation and sustainability;
  3. Preparation of advanced project activities within the BioTech project;
  4. Seek partners for the execution of an improved proposal;
  5. Preparation of an in-depth project application within the BioTech project, its submission and planned result.

The project is implemented by: LU Institute of Physics in cooperation with partners from Lithuania (Kaunia University of Technology), Estonia (Tallinn University of Technology) and Norway (SINTEF)

Project implementation period:  11.05.2023 - 30.04.2024.

Project contract number:  EEZ/BPP/LZP/2023/2

Project ID number: EEA-RESEARCH-55RC

Total funding of the project: EUR 60,000.00, of which EUR 51,000.00 (85%) is European Economic Area funding and EUR 9,000.00 (15%) is co-financing from the Latvian state budget.

Scientific leader of the project:  Maija Zaķe, leading researcher of the Institute of Physics of the Lithuanian University of Technology