Tallinn University of Technology


The members of the association annually appoints the board to lead the activities of Õigus. The board is elected democratically among the members of the association and it consists of two to ten members. The board has the administrative and executive powers in the association.

All board members have their own areas of responsibilities which they are in charge of. The board meets regularly during the academic year to discuss and share responsibilities, to make decisions which require the board’s voting and to approve association’s financial statements. A report of actions and financial statement of previous year are confirmed in a meeting during spring. The new board and its chairman for the next calendar year are selected in an autumn meeting.

The titles of the board members and the size of the board can vary on yearly basis depending on the interest of participants and other factors.

The board for the year 2020:

Chairperson of the Board:
Moona Pekkanen

Director of Study Matters:
Sonja Kojo

Director of Foreign Affairs:
Niina Häkkinen

Emilie Earl

Director of Business Relations:
Aleksi Takala

Iida Saarela

Event Directors:
Lauri Nykänen & Alwar Holmberg

General Directors:
Kia Honkaharju & Wilma Salmenjaakko

Contact via oigus@taltech.ee