Tallinn University of Technology


Õigus represents its members in the faculty’s administration and decision making. The association actively pursues to influence the development of the degree and the teaching in Tallinn Law School.

Õigus is interested in the students’ opinions and in order to find out these opinions it carries out questionnaires through which feedback and development ideas can be submitted. Questionnaires cover a wide category of topics such as the structure of the studies, courses, the library etc. 

New students are familiarized with the university and the city of Tallinn and helped with all possible questions about studies, university and living in Tallinn.

You can send feedback or ask questions regarding any concerns you have, whether it is about your studies, university matters in general or about the functioning of our association. We are glad to hear your ideas, wishes and receive constructive feedback in order to develop our learning environment.

All feedbacks are kept confidential and it is possible to send message anonymously.