Tallinn University of Technology


By internship a student obtains practical experience for working in the field, reinforce and broaden existing legal skills, support and augment the formation of working habits, social skills, attitudes and values. The place of legal internship shall be in public institution related to providing legal services (i.e. court, ombudsman’s office, ministries, non-profit organizations) or private undertaking (i.e. law office, attorney’s office, etc.) or international organization (i.e. European Commission, other EU institutions, UN, etc.), where students can participate in the everyday work, apply and analyze legal norms.

Internship report must be submitted in TalTech Moodle. Find course HOX7007 Legal internship/Õigusalane praktika. 

There is also an oppurtunity to participate in Moot Court competition. Find more about it here.