Tallinn University of Technology

Overview of research activities

TalTech department of Law is the leading sectoral research unit in the region which has specialised in the following areas of Law: 

  1. A theoretical and practical approach to international law;
  2. Interpretation of European Union law and analysis of legal practice;
  3. Development and implementation of technology law, including the legal approach to cyber security;
  4. Legal regulation, challenges and possible strategies of artificial intelligence;
  5. The digital markets and their regulation.

We are the leading sectoral research unit in the region in terms of research achievements, where a research group of only 25 employees has produced more than 1,600 high-level and indexed publications and received more than 5 million euros in research funding (mainly from European Union institutions).

The core of the department consists of researchers who have earned their research degrees in top universities, including Heidelberg, Lund, Salamanca, MIT, Bremen, Helsinki, etc. The new research generation comprises successful doctoral students who do research on energy law, medical law, artificial intelligence, and the rules of competition law and data protection in the digital economy.

We are clearly distinguished by our willingness for interdisciplinary collaboration, and we have conducted research and development projects in cooperation with engineers, IT specialists, medical experts, economists, political scientists, as well as chemists, all of whom have needed legal risk assessment.

We have carried out project activities on all continents (except Antarctica), mainly in regard to capacity building in the Eastern Partnership countries, in the field of rule of law and legal education in South East Asia, and in the field of media law in the Balkans. Our project partners are top researchers from well-known universities, including the Royal Swedish Royal University of Technology (KTH), Maastricht University, Lausanne University, Tsinghua University, TokyoTech, etc.

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