Tallinn University of Technology

The mission of the department is to lead the high-level, internationally recognized teaching, research and development in Estonia in the field of materials and environmental technology.

Director of the department is Prof. Maarja Grossberg-Kuusk

The structure of the institute consists of the following units

Laboratory of Biofunctional Materials
Laboratory of Biopolymer Technology
Laboratory of Chemical Technologies Testing
Laboratory of Environmental Technology
Laboratory of Inorganic Materials
Laboratory of Photovoltaic Materials
Laboratory of Textile Technology
Laboratory for Thin Film Energy Materials
Laboratory of Wood Technology

Members of the Board of the Department

  • Maarja Grossberg-Kuusk, Acting Director, Tenured Full Professor, Chairman of the Board;

  • Malle Krunks, Tenured Full Professor;
  • Sergei Preis, Tenured Full Professor;
  • Andres Trikkel, Tenured Full Professor;
  • Marit Kauk-Kuusik, Tenured Associate Professor;
  • Jaan Kers, Tenured Associate Professor;
  • Andres Krumme, Tenured Associate Professor;
  • Ilona Oja Acik, Tenured Associate Professor;
  • Vitali Sõritski, Lead Research Scientist, representative of the academic staff;
  • Olga Volobujeva, Senior Researcher, representative of the academic staff;
  • Sergei Bereznev, Associate Professor,  employee representative;
  • Marina Kritchevskaya, Senior Lecturer, employee representative;
  • Kristi Timmo, Senior Researcher, employee representative;
  • Mai Uibu, Senior Researcher, employee representative;
  • Kristen Altof, doctoral student representative.

The council is valid until August 31, 2025