Tallinn University of Technology

Continuing Education for Technical Teachers

Curriculum for Additional Speciality of Technical teachers is the only one in Estonia providing continuing education in the field of Engineering Pedagogy in the amount of 32 ECTS credits. The curriculum is based on IGIP Recommendations for Studies in Engineering Pedagogy.

Study is free of charge and state commissioned for 20 students per year.  Students already possessing Master degree in engineering speciality have been admitted to the course since 2011.

Structure of the Curriculum

Modules                                                                                ECTS credits
Compulsory Modules of Engineering Pedagogy
Engineering Pedagogy and STEM Didactics in Theory         3
 Engineering Pedagogy and STEM Didactics Practical          3
Engineering Pedagogy Interdisciplinary Project                    6
Laboratory Didactics and Methodology                                  3
Psychological and Sociological Aspects                                 3
Ethical Aspects and Multicultural Learning Environment        1
Multicultural Learning Environment                                          1
Rhetoric and Scientific Writing                                                  3
Working with Projects: Curriculum Design                               3
Media (Teaching Technology) and E-Learning                         3
Elective Modules (choose 3 ECTS)
Portfolio Assessment                                                                  1
Creative Thinking                                                                        1
Team-Based and Problem-Based Learning                               1
Coaching and Mentoring                                                            1
Teaching Practice                                                                        3
Standards and Quality                                                                 3
                                                                                    Total        32
Education is completed by passing the final examination. During the examination the candidates must show that they have acquired the skills of an engineering educator. The final examination consists of the presentation and discussion of the candidate’s portfolio, an examination interview and presentation of a lesson. The portfolio contains confirmations that the candidate has completed the studies in all the modules, the complete written planning and performance of a teaching session, including video recording, and a subsequent analysis as well as the problem solving of at least one didactic case study.

Students who have fulfilled the curriculum and passed the final examination are awarded a certificate of an additional specialisation of an engineering educator, and may apply for a qualification of an International Engineering Educator from International Society for Engineering Education IGIP.