Tallinn University of Technology

Are you interested in creating a new student organization? Then here you can find more about how this process looks like.

First steps

  1. Check out the existing student organizations HERE, if it turns out that there is no such organization, you can create it yourself!
  2. There are certain requirements for creating the student organization, which you can find here: Rules of TalTech student organisations
    PS! 1.5. A student organization can only be a legal entity under the Non-Profit Organizations Act. In other words, before becoming a TalTech student organization, you must have a registered NGO.
  3. Ask for advice from other student activists or write to a board member in the field of student life, who will introduce you to the opportunities offered in student life and to whom you can already introduce your vision in more detail. Contact person: Anna Suzdalev (rasmus.kalep@taltech.ee)
  4. When creating a student organization, it is useful if there is support from the university in the form of a lecturer, institute, deans or rectors.

Creation of a student organization

If you have done the previous steps, then a corresponding application must be submitted to the board of the Taltech Student Union (ye_juhatus@taltech.ee), which approves the new organizations. The corresponding form is here: Establishment form of TalTech student organisations

  1. Organization data
  2. Strategy
  3. Planned activities / projects
  4. Added value to the student body
  5. Room application
  6. Mandatory additional documents - list of members and organisation’s current memorandum of association

Student life funding

It is possible to request funding from the Student Union to carry out student life activities and projects. You can find more information HERE.