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Applying for Estonian ID-card

An ID card is an identity document with digital functionality, which makes Internet banking and using other e‑services easy, convenient and safe.

An ID card is a compulsory identity document for Estonian citizens residing in Estonia.

An ID card is issued also to the citizen of the European Union. An EU citizen ID card is not valid as a travel document.

An ID card is valid for up to five years.

After registering the place of residence, the next step is to apply for an ID-card.

Please choose a suitable client service office and take an identity document with you.

If you wish, you can book an appointment for applying for an ID card at a client service office.

Browse client service offices

Book an appointment at a client service office

Documents required for applying:

  • An application form
  • An identification document
  • A color photo of 40x50 mm
  • A document certifying the payment of state fee

It is possible to take the photo and pay the state fee in the service point. You can see more info about the application process here.
The ID-card is issued within 30 days (after acceptance of the application for the proceeding) to an applicant in person at the service point.

More information: Applying for an Estonian ID card