Tallinn University of Technology

Staff mobility

In addition to the usual staff mobility, TalTech employees also have the opportunity to apply for a secondment to EuroTeQ project partner universities: Technical University of Munich (Germany), Eindhoven University of Technology (Netherlands), Technical University of Denmark, École Polytechnique (France) and Czech Technical University in Prague.

EuroTeQ kaart


The mobility of EuroTeQ staff is very similar to the Erasmus + programme, but the Mobility Center is here to help you find a recipient. Local coordinators direct the request by the TalTech staff member to visit the right person at the host university. Learn how to apply and submit an application today.

Participating in staff mobility supports the professional development of staff members and provides inspiration for integrating new solutions into their daily work.

You can apply to the following universities through the EuroTeQ Staff Mobility Programme:

Additional information on EuroTeQ staff mobility and applications are available from the internal portal.