Tallinn University of Technology

On May 17, starting at 12:00,  student project competition TalTech Sustainable Futures will take place at TalTech, where approx. 15 student teams from different spring semester problem- and project-based courses, who have also joined EuroTeQ Collider, will perform. At the event, student teams present a project or solved problem, which is also related to sustainability goals and contributing to them.

TalTech Sustainable Futures 2024

The jury selects the 3 best projects in 3 sub-categories of the EuroTeQ Collider main theme "Enhance Connections for Sustainable Futures". Those teams can go to represent TalTech at EuroTeQaThon*, which takes place on the 8th-10th of June, already fourth time and this time in École Polytechnique in Paris.

The main goal of the event is to make more visible the results of problem-and project-based learning from the perspective of students, teachers, research groups and companies – these are practical examples where the cooperation of different parties has made it possible to reconcile real-life problems, science-based, entrepreneurial competences – in order to create a path to innovation and encourage more to contribute to co-creation. Come and take part!

The event is in English.  A more detailed schedule will be added at the beginning of May.

More information: Ethel Praks (ethel.praks@taltech.ee), Karl-Erik Karu (karl-erik.karu@taltech.ee)

* At both the first and second EuroTeQaThon, the teams representing TalTech have done very well – they brought home the category win (for those who are more interested, you can read more about the Urban Mobility Hub team in the earlier Mente et Manu, page 46)