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On the way to Energy Transition, the Direct Current (DC) microgrids are long expected to shift the energy supply paradigm, like trends in more electric aircrafts and ships. Residential DC microgrids offer enhanced energy supply security, demand-side management, and significantly increased energy efficiency of buildings. However, the main limitation for the wide adoption of DC microgrids in buildings is the lack of mature technology, established standards, and market-ready power electronic systems for the efficient integration and interaction of the microgrid components.
i3DC Initiative brings together experts from academia and industry, market practitioners, and policymakers to discuss the latest developments and innovation potential in the field of residential DC microgrids.


i3DC Initiative is a non-profit joint venture founded in 2021 in Tallinn by TalTech and Ubik Solutions. It aims to increase awareness, push forward innovation, and accelerate the industrial uptake of residential DC microgrid technology.

i3DC Initiative is committed to organizing regular WORKSHOPS involving academia and industry to facilitate wide-scale adoption of the residential DC microgrids.

Call for Collaboration

i3DC Initiative opens new opportunities for collaboration between academia and industry. TalTech invites all interested parties to contact us to join the i3DC Initiative to work together on bringing Residential Direct Current technology to the market.

TalTech encourages Estonian and international enterprises to participate in developing the Residential DC Innovation Hub, where you can pilot/test your technologies in a relevant environment. There are sponsorship opportunities for those interested in becoming our partner.

Current/OS Foundation

The Current/OS Foundation promotes adoption and provides and further develops an OPEN standard system for DC distribution to improve the resilience, sustainability, and safety of energy distribution. TalTech is the first academic member of the foundation, serving as a DC ambassador promoting OPEN DC technology. You'll find more information on the foundation's web page using the QR code below.

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