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Forthcoming Events in 2024-2025

  • December 2024 - As it becomes a tradition, the 5th workshop is expected to be organized in December 2024. Please visit this page later in 2024 to check for schedule updates.
  • June 4-6, 2025 - TalTech will organize the IEEE 7th International Conference on DC Microgrids (ICDCM 2025) - the fully-sponsored conference of the IEEE Power Electronics Society. This is the flagship international event that brings together experts in DC microgrids and provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and for boosting innovation. It will include a rich technical program and an exhibition of DC products and service providers. The venue will be the Nordic Hotel Forum, next to Tallinn's famous Old Town, which is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
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4th Workshop - Nov. 22, 2023

 The Fourth Estonian DC Innovation Workshop was held in TalTech Innovation Center MAKTORY, Tallinn, Estonia, to facilitate the travel of numerous international participants of the workshop series organized by the i3DC Initiative. Representatives of 9 countries delivered 23 presentations at the workshop. This edition was dominated by presentations from industry, including intentional giants like Schneider Electric and EATON, as well as Estonian key stakeholders like Elektrilevi, Fusebox Energy, Energiapartner, R8 Technologies, etc. The event was opened by Ivo Jaanisoo from the Ministry of Climate of Estonia.

This edition was memorable thanks to the support of the CurrentOS Foundation, the industry-driven NGO popularizing DC systems in the EU and working on their standardization. It was announced that TalTech officially joined the CurrentOS Foundation as the first academic member. 

The fourth workshop was "Enhancing Energy Performance of Buildings." It was focused on DC technologies, power electronic systems and devices as well as control and protection of residential DC microgrids, which enhance the energy performance of buildings and set new standards of living. The workshop agenda covered various topics, including modern construction and architecture approaches, new DC-compatible appliances and energy storage, DC systems design tools, and grid-interactive control of buildings' energy and HVAC systems. This provided a coherent multidisciplinary outlook on the future energy-efficient buildings and districts and the advantages of adopting DC systems.


3rd Workshop - Dec. 15, 2022

 The Third Estonian Residential DC Innovation Workshop was a great success on an international scale, reflecting much-increased attention to DC systems from standardization authorities and industry. For the third time, it was organized on the century-old Koplimadise farm near Tallinn. 50 participants attended this hybrid event on December 15, 2022, predominantly in person. This edition of the workshop was attended by representatives of 10 companies and five universities coming from 7 countries, including well-known DC innovators Harry Stokman and Laurens Mackay. Also, international attendees expressed a great interest in visiting the research facilities of the Power Electronics Group of TalTech.

The topic of the third workshop was "Towards Energy Storage Takeoff in Baltics." The main aim of this workshop was to bring together energy storage experts from academia and industry, market practitioners, and policymakers to present and discuss the latest developments and innovation potential in the field of residential DC microgrids. The agenda had a well-balanced list of topics developed by academia and industry. Moreover, it included a roundtable discussion to identify market needs and policy roadblocks, and draft a roadmap for the deployment of energy storage in Baltic states.


2nd Workshop - Mar. 29, 2022

 The Second Estonian Residential DC Innovation Workshop was held soon after the first to consolidate stakeholders in Baltic states. It was organized on March 29, 2022, in the historical Koplimadise farm.

The second workshop was dedicated to "Power Electronic Systems for Residential DC Microgrids." The main aim of this workshop was to demonstrate the latest developments in power electronic systems developed in Estonia for residential DC power distribution. The agenda included presentations from Estonia, Latvia, Spain, Portugal, and Iran. From this event, it was decided that this workshop series will continue as annual events organized by the i3DC Initiative in November/December.


1st Workshop - Nov. 25, 2021

The activities of the i3DC Initiative were started with the First Estonian Residential DC Innovation Workshop. It was organized on November 25, 2021, in hybrid mode, following COVID-19 regulations. The event took place in the 100-year-old Koplimadise farm, where attendees got a chance to learn also about Estonian culture, national food, and traditions.

The topic of this workshop was "Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry." The main aim of this workshop was to bring together experts from academia and industry, market practitioners, and policymakers to present and discuss the latest developments and innovation potential in the field of residential DC microgrids.

Thanks to the early distribution of the event leaflet, representatives of the Estonian, Belgian, and Dutch industries, as well as Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Danish, and Polish academia, attended the event in person and online to engage in the agenda that combined academic and industrial presentations. This level of interest in the workshop sent a clear signal that the formation of the i3DC Initiative is timely and highly anticipated.