Tallinn University of Technology

Innovation festival 2024

AI has crept into our everyday lives. Everyone is debating the benefits and harms of using AI. So are we. This year's TalTech Innovation Festival is dedicated to the interplay between the potential of AI technologies and the needs of society.

During the day, it will become clearer whether the development of AI supports or disrupts societies, whether our lives will be better with AI, whether we will be healthier and happier thanks to AI, and whether the new technology will benefit everyone or only some. We will discuss what health, governance, defence, education, the environment or finance have to gain from AI.

The event will feature presentations and panel discussions from academics, public and private sector representatives. How can AI technologies best serve society and what do we need to be ready for in the future? What ethical issues do the creators of AI need to address? Can AI become the guardian angel of the state, or how can this new technology help protect our environment?

This is an Estonian-language event (only two presentations in English). For more information see the website in Estonian.

Contact: innovatsioonifestival@taltech.ee