Tallinn University of Technology

Annually, TalTech hosts up to 400 incoming exchange students from our international partners as well as on free-moving basis. The university’s trademark feature is that, upon arrival, these students join our existing university-wide academic programmes, naturally becoming an integral part of the whole TalTech studentship body. If you are thinking of spending a semester or two at TalTech as an exchange student, please visit our Mobility Centre’s web page for further information on the matter.
TalTech welcomes colleagues from different parts of the globe who visit our university for conducting lectures or trainings and exchanging the best practices. Before planning your teaching or staff mobility at TalTech, please double-check whether your educational institution is already one of our partners and then make a contact with your counterpart. If you need any assistance from us, please contact Ms. Riina Potter, Head of Mobility Centre, riina.potter@taltech.ee .