Tallinn University of Technology



TalTech Museum collects materials related to the history of engineering in Estonia, research and science related to Tallinn University of Technology, and ensures its preservation and usability for research purposes.

Our main collection consists of sub-collections:

  • Archives
  • Objects
  • Audio-visual collection
  • Photo collection
  • Negative collection
  • Digital photo archive

The collections of TalTech Museum are continuously entered into the Museum Information System MuIS. You can also get acquainted with our historical photo collection and download full-size photos via MuIS. When using photos, please review the procedures for proper use of our collections.

The museum also awaits various materials from the general public, items related to the history and research of the university, fields studied and taught at Tallinn University of Technology, as well as material on cultural activities and student life. Memories related to university life and work are also welcome. The time limits: from the 19th century to present day.

If you wish to offer items, photos, documents, etc. related to our collection areas, please contact us at muuseum@taltech.ee or 620 3438 

puhkpillikontsert katusel, kraavikaevaja mudel, tudengid loengus

  1. The Collection of TalTech Museum is available for research, exhibition and reproduction purposes by anyone who wishes.
  2. Access to the collection shall be provided on the museum’s premises during the museum’s opening hours.
  3. A museum employee has the right to restrict or not grant the use of a museological object due to its age, condition or other problematic reasons.
  4. The chief curator has control and is responsible for the activities related to the use of the museum collection.
  5. The museological object shall be released for use on the basis provided in the regulations by the Ministry of Culture: “Procedure for Supplementing the Museum Collection and Depositing an Object of Cultural Value” and “Establishment and Statutes of the Museum Database”.
  6. To order a museological object from the repository, the researcher must be notified by telephone or e-mail.
  7. Rental within a museum shall be formalized by a temporary use certificate in the information system MuIS. An exception is the loan of museum objects that have not yet been entered into MuIS to a researcher, which is formalized in an electronic register.
  8. Museological objects shall be lent primarily to other museums. In exceptional cases, a museum object may also be lent to other persons or institutions, provided that its proper preservation is ensured.
  9. Upon release of the museological object, the museum shall enter the following data into the MuIS information system:user’s name, personal identification code or registry code and contact information; the start and planned end dates of the use; purpose of use; condition at the time of use; conditions of use (including security and storage requirements); value, where applicable (price based on a special interest based on the characteristics of the museum, without taking into account its usefulness);
  10. upon termination of use, the museum shall enter the time and location of the return of the museum object status of the information system.
  11. Digital copies and photographs of museological objects are prepared on site in the museum and according to the price list https://taltech.ee/en/price-list-paid-services
  12. With the permission of a museum employee, a visitor may make copies of museum objects issued to him or her with his or her digital camera for personal use for non-commercial purposes.
  13. When using materials that belong to the museum collection, reference must be made to TalTech Museum (abbreviation TTÜM).

Treasures and memoires in the museum collection

Come and find out what treasures and exciting memoires about student life and research activities the museum collection holds! The museum's treasure and memorial pages are currently being updated. Contact the museum to contribute your personal memories!