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Dear international Bachelor's or Master's student, we are looking forward to meeting you on the 30-31st of August 2023

The Orientation Days are a special programme to help you settle in during your first few days in TalTech and learn more about our university and life in Estonia in general. The Orientation Days take place at the beginning of the new academic year. 

We strongly advise you to participate in order to get a good start on your academic adventure in TalTech. In addition to all the useful information, you will also get acquainted with your fellow students. 

Participation is free. 

If you are an exchange student, please visit Orientation Days for Exchange students web page HERE.

Schedule of the main event

First day, 30th of August 2023:

Time Activity/Topics covered Venue
09.20-09.55 Registration U06A atrium II floor (next to room U06A-229)
10.00-13.45 U06A-229

Student Union

Academic Information

Erasmus Programme:Exchange Studies and Internship Abroad

Student Counselling Services (psychological and career counselling)
Living in Estonia: Cultural Differences
Concluding remarks

Second day, 31st of August 2023:

Time Activity/Topics covered Venue
09.40-09.55 Registration U06A atrium II floor (next to room U06A-229)
10.00-14.00 U06A-229
Services of the International House 
New in Estonia
Sports Centre

Moodle (Online Study Platform) Presentation

Police and Border Guard Presentation for non-EU citizens (by migration advisor)
Concluding remarks
Light snacks

How to find the venue U06A-229

Venue of the Orientation Days

Recordings of the main programme

The first day, 30th of August 2023: 1st Day Recording 

The second day, 31st of August 2023: 2nd Day Recording

Note! The PBGB presentation will not be streamed live nor recorded. 

Programme specific info-sessions

Additionally to the OD main event, programme-specific info-sessions will be held for the new degree students. This is a mandatory introductory lecture about your study programme carried out by the programme manager.

Please find below when and where the info-session of your study programme takes place. See the building location on the campus map

Kindly note that the schedule may be updated prior to the event.

School of Information Technologies

Study programme Date Time Building-Room Comments
All School of IT students August 30 15.00-16.30 ICT-315
Cyber Security Engineering (BSc) August 31 14.00 ICO-316 ICO - IT College (Raja 4C)
Cybersecurity (MSc) August 30 16.30-18.00 ICT-315
E-Governance Technologies and Services (MSc) August 30 16.30 ICT-638
Digital Health (MSc) September 8 14.00 ICT-224-228 UPDATED!

School of Business and Governance

Study programme Date Time Building-Room Comments
International Business Administration (BA) September 1 10.00-11.30 NRG-226
Law (BA) September 1 13.00-14.30 NRG-226
Technology Governance and Sustainability (MA) September 1 12.00-14.00 SOC-414
International Business Administration (MA) August 29 17.00-18.30 SOC-311
Law (MA) September 1 17.00-18.30 NRG-226
Entrepreneurial Management (MBA) September 14 10.00-11.30 LIB 552/554 Takes place in TalTech Library; the whole opening event lasts from 10.00-17.30
Public Sector Innovation and E-Governance (MA) September 7 14.30-16.00 SOC-308

School of Engineering

Study programme Date Time Building-room Comments
School of Engineering students September 8 11.00-12.00 U04-103 info-session is held by Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs
Integrated Engineering (BSc) September 5 09.00-09.45 U06A-201
Industrial Engineering and Management (MSc) August 31 15.00 U05-216 duration approx. 30 minutes
Design and Technology Futures (MSc) September 4  10.00-13.15 U06-402 Information is shared during the 1st lecture 
Technology of Wood, Plastics and Textiles (MSc) August 31 15.00-16.00 U04-216

Tutor Lesson for new Bachelor level students

Tutor Lesson is a chance to meet your Bachelor's study programme tutor in person, and hear their advice on practical study related matters as well as about student life. A tutor is a fellow student from a more senior year, who is there to help you adjust to university life.

Study programme Date  Time Building-room
International Business Administration (BA) August 31 14.00 U05-301
Law (BA) August 31 14.00 U05-302
Integrated Engineering (BSc) August 31 14.00 U05-103
Cyber Security Engineering (BSc) September 1 9.30 U05-103

Kick-Off Event August 28

To get the most out of your student year, make sure to take part in the welcome week dedicated to first-year students, which starts with the Kick-Off Event on August 28 at 13:45 at TalTech UFO square in Tallinn!

This is the first significant student life event of the semester, which you CANNOT miss! The event is an introduction to the University and student life - you will meet your new fellow students for the first time, get to see the University's various student organizations and get to know the Tallinn University of Technology campus.

NB! You have to register for the event, this is the only way you will be able to get a spot for the day. There is a link to the registration form on the Facebook page, but we will also add it HERE.

It is not a sports competition, but a fun and active event! We recommend you come to the Orientation Game in comfortable shoes and clothing, although evening party shoes can be brought too. You read that right, the legendary Orientation party will also take place in the evening, but information about this will be available in August.

The Kick-Off Event is organised by TalTech Student Union.

Kick-Off Event


The Library tour will take place on the 29th of August, 2023 at 12:30 and at 13:10.

The tour's duration is around 30 minutes. Please register as there are limited places (20 people per tour). Registration is open until 28th of August at 17:00. The registration email is study@taltech.ee (subject: Library tour and at which time you wish to take the tour). 

Meet-up spot: in front of the Library entrance (inside the LIB-building, II floor).

Opening ceremony 2023

Dear student!

You are welcome to participate in the Opening Ceremony of the academic year. The event takes place on the 1st of September 2023 at 11 AM in the assembly hall. Please be noted that the dress code for the event is formal.


Student ABC 2023

The Office of Academic Affairs at Tallinn University of Technology has prepared this Student ABC in order to make your arrival and stay in Tallinn as comfortable as possible.

You can view Student ABC guidebook 2023 as a PDF file.

Take some time to read it and find out the most important steps that you have to take after your arrival, and learn more about our study system. We have also added the important contact details which will assist you during the course of your studies.

Student ABC

Events and student organisations

  1. Kick-off event 
  2. "Semestri Avalöök" party 
  3. Campus party 
  4. Freshmen party 
  5. TalTech's student representative body's birthday a.k.a. parking lot party 

Here you can find the list of Student Organisations that accept international students:

In case you have any questions, please contact directly Student Union (info@tipikas.ee).