Tallinn University of Technology

Doctoral students

Dissertation requirements and formatting

Dissertation requirements and formatting instructions are established by Regulation No 3 of 20 April 2022 of the Senate of Tallinn University of Technology (in force from: 01.08.2022, excluding Chapter 3 of the Regulations „Requirements and procedure for admission to doctoral studies“ and subsection 28 (3), which shall enter into force upon adoption of the Regulations) and amended by Regulation No 2 of 21 February 2023 of the Senate of Tallinn University of Technology (entry into force 22.02.2023) Chapter 7 „Requirements for a doctoral thesis“.

Both Word and LaTeX may be used to format a doctoral thesis.

The author of the dissertation must submit an electronic version of the manuscript and appendices to the Press House via the library’s page in TalTech Help Center or by e-mail  mirjam.piik@taltech.ee. The dissertation must be submitted as a Word file, appendices as PDF files. Images, drawings, etc. can be added as JPG, PNG, or TIFF files if needed. If the author has used LaTeX template, only one PDF file including all appendices must be submitted.

The Press House checks the formatting of the dissertation, edits the layout according to the required template, adds a serial number, ISBN and ISSN numbers, converts the dissertation to a PDF file and designs covers for the work. After that, the library will publish the electronic version of the thesis in the Digital Collection of TalTech Library. In the case of a doctoral thesis with restricted access, only the abstract of the doctoral thesis will be submitted.

An author’s licensing agreement must be filled out and signed by the doctoral student. The signed contract should be sent to mirjam.piik@taltech.ee. The contract may also be signed on paper. In that case, two copies of the signed contract should be submitted to the Press House room LIB-510, or sent there by internal mail (Document Management Division, U03-105). One copy of the contract will be returned to the author after library director has signed it.

A notice about the defence will be published on the university’s web site.

After defence of the thesis a link will be added to the electronic version of the dissertation in the electronic catalogue ESTER.

Printing the dissertation

A written order must be submitted to the Publishing before the dissertation is printed. The order must state whether the work is to be black-and-white or coloured.  The work can be ordered partially coloured, but in that case the student must include the number of coloured pages in the written order and present the page numbers of coloured pages the Publishing. The written order must include the number of copies – if 50 copies are required, then the number of copies is 50. The order must be signed by the head of the structural unit.

Printing the dissertation can take up to two weeks. The price of the dissertation depends on the number of copies, its volume and amount of coloured material.