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  • An apartment box in the dormitory is defined as an apartment-type residential space, which consists of two rooms, shared kitchen, shower and toilet. Most of the apartment boxes are made for 4 people (2 people in a room) but we also have some that are more private.
  • One bed in twin room - you are sharing your room with one other person. There is one more room in your apartment box that also has two tenants. Maximum of four people share the kitchen, toilet and shower. Rent is calculated for one bed. This is the best option for getting a place in the beginning of the semester.
  • Two beds in twin room - the concept of this room type is the same as above (one bed) but instead of sharing your room with someone, you are living in your room alone. There is one more room in your apartment box that also has maximum of two tenants. Maximum of three people share the kitchen, toilet and shower. Rent is calculated for the whole room.
  • Single room - there are two single rooms in the apartment box with shared kitchen, toilet and shower. You will live alone in the room and share the common areas with one more tenant. Waiting time is around 4-6 months.
  • Private flat with one bed - a studio type flat where you live alone and have your own private kitchen, toilet and shower. You cannot share this type of flat with anyone as it's made for only one tenant. Waiting time is up to one year.
  • Private flat with two beds - this type of a flat is meant for maximum of two tenants who want to live privately. It has two beds with private kitchen, shower and toilet. Waiting time is around 1-1,5 years.
  • 1-room apartment in family dormitory - private apartment with one room, the size of the apartment is around 36,5 m2. You are paying monthly rent and utilities (heating, water and sewer services, electricity). Waiting time is up to 1,5 years.
  • 2-room apartment in family dormitory - private apartment with two rooms, the size of the apartment is around 52,7 m2. You are paying monthly rent and utilities (heating, water and sewer services, electricity). Waiting time is around 1,5-2 years.

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First-year international students can start applying usually in June. Please do not apply earlier than the given date because otherwise you will automatically be added to our general waiting list and getting a place will be much harder!

If you are already matriculated student and actively studying, you can apply all throughout the year. During summer period, our main focus will be mainly on first-year students so it's important to know that all applications that are submitted between July 1 and September 30 will remain in the general waiting list and we will return to them starting from October 1. 

Therefore, please make sure that you apply before June 30 if you need a place for the upcoming academic year or if you wish to change your room.

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Unfortunately we cannot give very precise estimates on the time you may have to wait or when we may be able to send you an offer. Places that are rented out have a notice period of 30 days, so the availability of a place is known to Campus only approximately a month in advance. Due to this we cannot know in advance when or how many places/rooms will become available.

The demand for housing varies according to different times of the year. It peaks at the beginning of the study year and the places that are available then will be rented out quickly. Most years, late spring and the summer season are the times when there are more places available compared to the number of applicants.

First-year students should submit their application during the first hours of the day when applications become open.

Already matriculated students who are actively studying should apply before June 30. All applications that are made on July 1 or later, will remain in the general waiting list and we will return to them starting from October 1.

If you wish to share a room with your friend, both of you need to submit a group application. If you are the first to submit the application, leave the group application section empty but make sure to write down your application ID number, which you will receive after submitting the application form. The following applicant must enter their friend's application ID number to "Main application ID" box. Please remember that it is not guaranteed that you will get a place with your friend. We can move people to the same room only when we have available rooms.

At the moment we are signing yearly contracts only with students from TalTech and School of Applied Sciences. However, if we have free places and no waiting list for our own students, we can accommodate students from other universities as well. This happens usually during spring semester (around February/March).

No, we cannot accommodate those who are not students. For signing the contract, we have to make sure you are still in the student list. TalTech students will be study checked from TalTech system. Students from other universities have to send us a signed study proof from their university’s study department.

Please remember that you need to notify Student Campus about the change in your study status within seven days. If we have free places and the waiting list is not long anymore, we have generally given the possibility to remain in the dormitory for students who have been on time with payments and who haven't broken any internal rules.

If you are living in a single room or private flat, you cannot remain in the same room type as these rooms have a constant waiting list and are given only to actively studying students. If possible, we can offer you a place in shared room for the remaining duration of your contract.

No, you can have only one valid application at once and choose maximum of two houses. If you wish to change the room type in your application, you need to delete your current application and submit a new one.

If you wish to change your move in date or any personal information, please contact us via e-mail.

Unfortunately it is not possible to restore an application that has become invalid. All applications are valid up to 60 days and you have to extend it before the 60 days is full. If you do not extend it, it will automatically become invalid once 60 days have passed.

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TTÜ Üliõpilasküla NPO
Registry Code: 80131259
Address: Raja tn. 4D, Tallinn 12616
E-mail: campus@campusttu.ee


NPO TTÜ Student Campus has committed itself to protect the privacy of its clients and users by processing personal information in accordance with the requirements of the legislation and by applying all precautionary measures to protect personal data. By submitting an application on the application page of NPO TTÜ Student Campus, you confirm that you have read and understood the NPO requirements for the processing and protection of personal data.


Personal data is considered to be all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. The personal data to be processed by NPO include, inter alia, the following types of data and changes made to these data types:

  • name and surname, gender, personal identification code, date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy), nationality
  • address (street, city, county/state, country), phone, e-mail
  • university name, date of commencement of studies
  • contact person (name and phone number)
  • bank information – name of the bank, account number/IBAN, bank account owner
  • application reason, starting date of the contract

While using Wi-Fi internet connection, personal data, and public information of Facebook and/or Gmail will be collected as follows:

  • Facebook ID or Gmail address
  • Person’s name
  • IP address of the device
  • MAC address of the device


Processing personal data is necessary for the signing and functioning of a contract. NPO will process the personal data for the following purposes:

  • processing housing applications, reserving and confirming accommodation places;
  • preparing and signing the housing contracts;
  • submitting invoices;
  • processing access cards and sharing rights for other services;
  • client communication, incl. contacting for forwarding operational information;
  • fulfilment of obligations arising from legislation;
  • improving the service;
  • protecting its rights;

NPO maintains personal data for as long as it is legally required or reasonably necessary for the purposes for which the NPO has the right to process data. Wi-Fi service’s user data is collected and stored on the Ruckus SmartZone Wi-Fi controller, which is located in the service provider’s secure Tier II data centre.


NPO is the liable processor of personal data. NPO does not forward personal data to third parties without the prior consent of the client, except on the bases provided by legislation. NPO can forward personal data received from the clients to the following parties:

  • Authorized processors, i.e., persons processing the personal data of NPO’s clients on the behalf of NPO (OIXIO AS, Tallinn University of Technology, Zone Media OÜ, Forus Security AS, Koodikaru OÜ, E-Kyla Arendus OÜ, Bidrent OÜ);
  • Surveillance and investigative authority.

Authorized processors are required to take all precautionary measures to protect the personal data of the clients, to keep distributed information confidential and to process personal data in accordance with the limits set by the legislation.

Personal data received by Wi-Fi authentication is not processed or sent to third parties. The data will only be used if there is a reason to suspect that a specific Wi-Fi user is causing problems in the network (cyber-attacks, spreading viruses, etc.). Once the person of concern has been identified, the stored contact information will be used to contact and warn the user.


The NPO implements all measures (including organizational, physical, IT security measures) for the protection of personal data that is being processed. Access to the modification and processing of personal data is restricted to authorized persons and the personal data of all NPO clients and users is treated as confidential.


The client can see the personal data collected about him/her by logging in to e-Campus information system. The client has the right to demand the correction of his/her inaccurate data. If the client feels that the processing of personal data has violated his/her rights, he/she has the right to contact the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate or the court for termination of the violation.