Tallinn University of Technology

Student accommodation in TalTech dormitories

Our dormitories have a total of approximately 2200 accommodation places. Most of our buildings are located in TalTech campus, in close vicinity of university building. The exceptions are Siidisaba 7 dormitory which is located closer to city centre in Kristiine suburb and Kalevi 4 dormitory which is located in North-Eastern Estonia in Kohtla-Järve. In TalTech dormitories, you can choose between different room types and you can live alone, in pairs or in fours in the student apartment. 

TalTech dormitories offer you...

...the best accommodation during your studies! Most of our dormitories are located near university buildings, just 5 to 7 minutes walk away.

Tutvu üliõpilaselamutega

Covid-19 guidelines for Student Campus' tenants

For keeping yourself and others safe, we expect responsible behaviour and understanding attitude from all tenants of Student Campus.

Guidelines for arrivals - Covi19