Tallinn University of Technology

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Rent and deposit

One bed in twin room

Rent: 154€/month
Deposit: 125€

Two beds in twin room*

Rent: 308€/month
Deposit: 250€

*waiting time approx. 2-4 months


Raja 4D is about 5-7 minute walk from the university’s study buildings. The house differs from other dormitories in that there are no internal corridors and the entrance to each room is from the outside balcony. Raja 4d dormitory has only shared rooms.

All rooms are furnished with basic furniture (everyday necessities like pillows-blankets, pots and pans are not provided), kitchens are equipped with basic household appliances and each apartment box has a separate toilet and shower. There is free Wi-Fi in the building and security is provided by 24/7 security service. Technical issues are handled by Student Campus' maintenance technicians. All tenants can use the self-service laundries and bicycle parking spaces at nearby houses as an additional service.

Raja 4D was built in 2006 and there are places for 196 students. Monthly rent is fixed and includes all utility costs (heating, water and sewer services, electricity).

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