Tallinn University of Technology

Extending the contract

Starting from May 29 until June 14, you can submit an application for extending your current housing contract for the next accommodation period*.

  • We will forward the link for the application submission to all tenants on the morning of May 29.
  • After you have submitted your application, we will start preparing your contract for digital signing. Once it's ready, you will receive an e-mail with a weblink through which you can sign the contract.
  • The latest date to submit your application is June 14. If we haven't received your application by then, we will consider your contract terminated on June 30, 2024.
  • Please be patient as the extension period is a busy time and preparation of contract may take longer than usual.
  • Contract can also be extended in our offices but please use this option only if you can't sign digitally. Please take your ID card/TRP with you and check our office hours beforehand. 
  • *accommodation period: 01.07.2024-30.06.2025

Ending the contract

You can end your contract at any time before the expiry date by notifying us at least 30 calendar days in advance. For terminating the contract, please log in to your TTÜ eCampus account and initiate the termination of contract under Agreements section.  

  • Before terminating the contract, please make sure that you have provided us with correct bank details. This information is important for returning your deposit.
  • When leaving the campus, you need to make sure that you have cleaned your room and taken all your belongings with you. We have made a short list about things to pay attention to while making the final cleaning.
  • Our administrator will go and check your room once we have received the keys. In case your room was not cleaned properly, we will do it ourselves and the cleaning fee will be taken from your deposit.
  • Your set of keys must be returned to the office by the ending day of your contract. Please remember that Siidisaba keys must be returned to Siidisaba office! Your deposit will not be refunded until you return the keys and we have inspected the room.
  • The deposit will be returned to the bank account indicated by you in one month after the end of the contract. Student Campus has the right to deduct from your deposit late-payment fees, unpaid rent invoices, the value of damaged or lost furniture or other property and, if needed, cleaning fees.