Tallinn University of Technology

General overview

  • Rent invoices are issued at the latest by 15th date of the current month. Payment due date is 28th date of each month.
  • Rent is calculated for the current month.
  • Residents of the same room may have different invoices. There can be several reasons for this: contracts that have started on different dates, delays in paying the rent, the tenant has changed the room/building in previous month etc.
  • Interests of late payments are calculated once a month on the day of issuing the rent invoice. Interests of late payments are calculated for the late payments of previous month(s). When we receive your payment, we will first cover late payment interest and the remaining sum will be used for covering your rent.
  • When starting a contract your first invoice will be a deposit invoice. The second invoice will show the rent. First rent invoice is calculated according to the days lived in the dormitory. For example, if your contract started on April 4, you will receive a rent invoice for the period of April 4-30. Next month’s invoice will already include the rent for the full month.
  • If you wish to rent the whole room alone, you have to take into consideration larger expenses: first you need to pay an extra deposit and after that you have to pay rent for the whole room.
  • When ending the contract, the rent for the last month will be taken from your deposit.
  • After ending the contract, your deposit will be refunded in one month from the ending date of the contract. The money shall be refunded to the person with whom the contract was signed with.

Reference number for bank transfers

  • When making the bank transfer, it is very important to use your reference number. The reference number ties your payment to your contract. Using the reference number helps us to process the payments faster and more reliably. Your reference number is written on every invoice and it will not change during your stay here.
  • Do not use anyone else's reference number in the payment! The reference number is connected to you personally. When you write someone else's reference number to the payment, the received payment will be connected to the other person's account and your invoice is still considered unpaid.
  • If you cannot make the payments yourself, a friend or family member can make the payment for you. In this case, it is extremely important to use your reference number. Additionally, they can write your name in the comment field to be 100% sure that we would see to who the money is going to.

When you have a debt

  • The payment due date for all invoices is 28th day of each month (if not stated otherwise on the invoice). This means that if we have not received your payment by 28th date, you are already in debt and will start to collect late payment interest fee. If you know that you will have difficulties with payments, please do not ignore the problem and contact us immediately so that we could agree upon a suitable payment schedule for both parties.
  • Contracts with tenants who are constantly in debt or who do not respond Student Campus’ debt notices, will be terminated prior to their term. If we do not receive the payment after debt notices, your debt will be forwarded to a privately owned debt collection agencies. Please note that these agencies work closely with police and courts of Estonia and could be damaging to your record in the future. In addition, the cost involved in debt collection can be considerable amount that will be added to your already existing debt.