Tallinn University of Technology

How to change your room or dormitory?

If you wish to change your room or dormitory, the first thing you need to do is submitting an application.

  • Once you have submitted your application, please be patient and wait until we send you an offer. It will take much longer time to receive an offer during the first half of the study year as not many tenants are moving out. If you have a specific room that you wish to live in, please e-mail us about your wishes.
  • If you wish to share a room with your friend, both of you need to submit a group application. If you are the first to submit the application, leave the group application section empty but make sure to write down your application ID number, which you will receive after submitting the application form. The following applicant must enter their friend's application ID number to "Main application ID" box. 
  • Once you have received an offer from us, please accept it through the web link you received in the housing offer e-mail. After you have accepted the offer, we will end your existing contract and start a new contract with your new address. The new contract will be sent to you for digital signing. 
  • When you are moving from one place to another, it might happen that you have to pay extra deposit before you can get your new keys. In addition, if the move happens after we have already issued monthly rent, we will recalculate it and send new invoice with correct sum. Example: you received your monthly rent for March but decided to move to another building on March 12. Our accountant will send you first an invoice with a minus (-) mark for your old room for the period of 12.-31.03. After this you will receive a second invoice that will show rent for your new room for the period of 12.-31.03.
  • On the new contract beginning day we will issue you the new keys and you will have 1-2 days for moving.
  • It is forbidden to move from one room to another without the permission of Student Campus.