Tallinn University of Technology

How can I accept or decline the offer?

You can accept or decline the offer via the web link provided in your housing offer e-mail. Please remember that you cannot accept the offer by phone. NB! All offers are valid 5 days.

Please be noted that you can only receive a maximum of two housing offers per application. If you have already rejected one offer before rejecting your second one, we will cancel your application and it will be removed from the waiting list. Student Campus will make offers primarily to applicants who have not received an offer yet. Therefore, it is good to remember when refusing the first offer that getting a second one may take a long time.

What should I do after accepting the offer?

  • Before accepting the offer please make sure that the beginning date of the contract would be in accordance to your wishes. If you see that the date is wrong after accepting the offer, please contact us and we will find a solution. Please remember that we cannot postpone the beginning date after the invoice has been issued.
  • After accepting the offer, we will send you a deposit invoice, which you have to pay through bank transfer. Bank details necessary for the payment are provided on the invoice. Please be sure to use a correct reference number!
  • No later than 14 days before the start of your contract, we will send to your e-mail an invitation to join the TTÜ eCampus tenant environment. There is a link in the invitation through which you have to register as a user. NB! First-time registration must be done only in the web browser (not in the app).
  • Once you have registered yourself as a user in the system, download our TTÜ eCampus app! You can download the app through Google Play Store or iOS Apple Store. 
  • When you have paid the deposit, on the beginning day of your contract (or later), come to Student Campus office to sign the contract and collect the keys. Please be sure to check our office hours. In case you will arrive after office hours, please contact us in a timely manner and we will try to find a solution. NB! If you are moving into Siidisaba 7 dormitory, you can get the keys from Siidisaba 7 office.

About Rental Agreement

Your contract with Student Campus starts with accepting the housing offer. Before you accept the offer, please make sure that you have marked a correct beginning date in your application. If you see that the date is not according to your wishes, please contact us and change the date before accepting the offer. Please note that we cannot reserve places for future use! In short, we can postpone the moving-in date maximum a week but no further in the future (e.g. a month).

The amount of first month’s rent is dependent on the beginning date of the contract. Example: you were sent an offer with a beginning date of April 5. You accepted the offer and did not change the date. We will issue a rent invoice for the period of April 5 until April 30. Once the rent invoice is issued, you cannot change your moving-in day to later date even if you are not arriving on April 5.

If you are not quite sure if you want to live in a dormitory, do not accept the offer for a place just in case or as an alternative option. Remember that once you have accepted the offer you have accepted all financial obligations as well!

All contracts are fixed-term agreements, meaning that they will be valid for no more than one year at once with the ending date on June 30. There is a possibility to extend your contract if you are still a student in the upcoming semester and you have no prior debts or misbehaviour reports.


When you accept the housing offer the first thing you need to pay is the deposit. Everyone who wishes to live in our dormitories must pay deposit. If you refuse to pay it, we cannot sign the contract nor issue the keys.

Your deposit will be kept on Student Campus’ account until the Rental Agreement is valid. You cannot use your deposit for covering monthly rent or other expenses.

The deposit will be refunded to your bank account (Estonian or EU) once you end your contract. Refunding the deposit will take approximately 30 days from the ending date of the contract. In case you have debts, we will deduct them from your deposit.


Deposits must be paid by bank transfer as all other payments in Student Campus. Payment details are listed on your invoice or you can use the following details:

  • Beneficiary's name: MTU TTU Uliopilaskula
  • Beneficiary's address: Raja 4D, Tallinn 12616, ESTONIA
  • Name of the bank: SEB
  • Address of the bank: Tornimae 2, Tallinn 15010, Estonia
  • IBAN: EE481010220011660018

Please remember to use the reference number specified on your invoice.

NB! If you are a first-year international student and your home country’s bank fees are extremely high, you can pay the deposit in Tallinn upon your arrival in any of our bank offices or in the reception of Academic Hostel. In this case, please remember to pay it before you come to take the keys from our office!