Tallinn University of Technology

The UNIcorn project

The project “Fostering Knowledge Transfer from Universities to Business – Innovation to Unicorn” called as UNIcorn, is aimed to strengthen consortium universities’ capacity and governance of research commercialisation and innovation. The wider objective of the project is to strengthen Baltic region’s capacity in research commercialisation, technology transfer and entrepreneurial education. The project activities address the changed role of a university during the last ten years – a university is not only seen as an educational and research institution, but it is more and more expected that the research produced in the university would serve societal challenges. 

The UNIcorn project has four main objectives: 

  • Develop and strengthen technology transfer process in participating HEIs 
  • Enhancing entrepreneurial education
  • Strengthening technology transfer partnerships 
  • Improvement of the impact framework of technology transfer and entrepreneurial education