Tallinn University of Technology

Open studies

Anyone wishing to study a new profession, extend knowledge or continue their interrupted studies is welcome to open study. The advantage of open studies is the ability to draw up an individual study plan and the ability to study at a suitable pace without the burden requirements imposed on students.  

In open study, students attend lectures together and pass exams and assessments on an equal basis with students. The main difference is that the load requirements imposed on students do not apply to an open University student. This means that there is an opportunity to study subjects of interest at an appropriate pace, either from one or more curricula and from different areas.

Open university  refresher learner


Is a refresher learner, no student status.

Holds student status.

Can study at the appropriate pace and volume, study load requirements laid down by the university do not apply.

Study  load requirements laid down by the university are applicable.

Student benefits do not extend to refresher learners; a dorm place will only be available if there are more places left.

Can apply for an ISIC card, student loans and dormitories.

No health insurance.

Has health insurance.

 Can study subjects of interest, either from one or several different curricula and from different areas.

Compiles study plan from the courses of the  curriculum of the chosen specialty.

Pays for studies based on the Open University price list.

When studying full time, does not pay for studies (except  English or fully paid study programs)

Admission to open studies takes place without state exams. To enter professional higher education, you must have secondary education. You have to sign a contract to learn. At the initial registration, a refresher learner will be assigned a learner code of open studies. Since a refresher learner is registered for one semester, those who want to continue open studies in the next semester will have to renew their contract.