Tallinn University of Technology

Why TalTech Virumaa College?

Since the 1st of January 2017 TalTech Virumaa College is is a part of the School of Engineering.

Choose Virumaa College to study, because

  •     graduates receive a TalTech diploma and the right to continue their studies at TalTech or at any other university in the master's/doctoral studies;
  •      the College has a more student-oriented approach; whereas in a large University, the student is one of many.
  •     the College uses many modern learning methods such as videoconferencing and e-learning;
  •     you can apply to the College even if the state exams are not passed for any reason;
  •     students can apply for personal scholarships from local governments, companies, enterprises, members of Parliament and professional scholarships;
  •     actively working student council takes care of students ' leisure time filling in;
  •     the completion of professional Higher Education Training provides the necessary qualifications for employment, which allows you to become financially independent faster;
  •     our students ' knowledge and skills are highly valued by companies;
  •     specialists with technical higher education are very welcome in the labour market, their ability to thrive is high and their salary is worthy;
  •     Ida-Virumaa companies ' strong interest in young professionals with higher education ensures excellent interships;
  •     the future work is interesting, being constantly in the middle of technological development.

In Virumaa College you can study in 3 specialties of Professional Higher Education and 2 specialties of Master's studies.

Study language is Estonian.

Study time in professional Higher Education is 3.5 or 4 years, and in Master's studies 2 years.

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