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For the reader

The opportunity to read newspapers and magazines, and to learn about newsletters and other exhibitions.
The Information Centre has 5 internet-connected reader computers and wireless Internet WiFi.

Students of the college have the opportunity to get acquainted with Degree  theses diplomitööga.

TalTech VK Information Centre is open to all readers

A reader can borrow up to 15 pieces of information at a time.

Rental deadlines:

  •     items are generally rented for 30 days
  •     study literature is rented at home for one semester
  •     the loan term for teaching materials is 7 days

A magazine may be rented for 14 days if it is  in Information Centre or for a month if it is stored in a repository.

Extension of the rental period

The rental term can be extended in accordance with the procedure of the Information Centre:

Not extended

  •     if the information has a queue for rent
  •     if the return period is exceeded

Interest on non-refundable information

  •     with a rental period of 7 days (interest rate 0.19 EUR / day)
  •     with a rental period of 14 days (interest rate 0,06 EUR/day)
  •     with a rental period of 30 days (interest rate 0,06 EUR/day)
  •     with a rental period of semester (interest rate 0,03 EUR/day)

Reader responsibility

The lost or damaged information document must be replaced by the same information document or the value of the information document must be reimbursed in the amount determined by the Information Centre.

Reservation of information

A reader can queue up to borrow the book they want:

It is possible to order missing literature from other Estonian and foreign libraries in our Information Centre through RVL.

Can be ordered through RVL:

  •     books
  •     copies of magazine and newspaper articles

Not rented using RVL:

  •     magazines
  •     reference books
  •     dictionaries
  •     fiction
  •     Diploma, Master's, doctoral dissertations and other materials in manuscript rights

! When using RVL, it is necessary to compensate the cost of delivery service/postage.


E-library is a consolidated system of electronic collections that contains a number of e - resources: e-databases, e-directories, e-learning materials and other sources of information.

Remote access to complete texts is only granted to TalTech members via a VPN connection toru.ttu.ee . Required Taltech Uni-ID. Guide

Portal of E-resources that contains: databases of licensed e-magazines, databases of licensed e-books, databases of free - access scientific journals, Taltech doctoral and final papers, e-textbooks, teaching tools and other TalTech publications.

Andmebaasid ainevaldkonniti
Databases by subject area

In particular, TalTech offers web-based access to doctoral, master's, Bachelor's and higher education diplomas, e-versions of textbooks and teaching materials and publications related to the history of the Technical University.

All databases of Tallina University of Technology https://taltech.ee/koik-andmebaasid. Remote access to complete texts is only granted to TalTech members via a VPN connection toru.ttu.ee . Required Taltech Uni-ID. Guide

A multidisciplinary set of online databases, which mainly include the term papers and/or full texts of scientific and specialised journals, yearbooks, statistical publications, newspapers and other publications.

Scopus is the largest abstract- and reference database containing peer-reviewed scientific literature (articles, conference materials, patents, book series) as well as high-quality online resources. The database allows you to compare and evaluate the effectiveness of research by organisations and authors, the value of publications and journals. Full texts are available from journals that the library has bought access to through various databases.


Bibliographic database of Estonian articles, which can be compiled through newspapers, magazines and article collections published in Estonia.

Google Skolar
Bibliographic database of Estonian articles, compiled mainly from newspapers, magazines and collections of articles published in Estonia. Allows you to find peer-reviewed research articles, dissertations, books and other scientific literature, including full texts, through databases purchased in our library (SFX).

Academic Earth
Free access e-lectures and e-courses from the world's best universities.


A web-based directory that allows the reader to search for information in the library, view their current and past rentals, reserve the necessary books and extend the return period.
General catalog of the largest Estonian libraries. The catalog also contains information about University colleges and specialized libraries.

Kohtla-Järve Central Library  

Jõhvi Central Library  

Narva Central Library 

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