Tallinn University of Technology

Welcome to the homepage of TalTech Bioinformatics!

Our research groups use bioinformatic analysis methods to solve various intriguing scientific problems, while also running laboratory experiments and preparing samples for sequencing analysis. As such our projects encompass bioinformatics and large scale data analysis, but also experimental work.

We are  active in two general branches of study:

The Computational Genomics Research Group concentrates its research on integration of multi-level omics data, such as genomic information, genomic variation, transcriptomics, gene regulation networks and different modalities of sequencing data to solve complex biological problems and to provide answers to biological research questions. The major biological focus areas of the group are plant genomics, microbial genomics and communities, and cancer genomics.
The group is led by professor of bioinformatics Olli-Pekka Smolander

The Research Group for Reproductive Biology studies the molecular causes of female infertility. We investigate intercellular interactions within human ovaries which are the basis for oocyte maturation and thus female fertility. Furthermore we’re investigating the effects of persistent environmental chemicals on ovarian functions.
The group is led by docent Agne Velthut-Meikas

We are collaborating in numerous projects within our own institute as well as with partners in Estonia and from universities abroad. Students interested in bioinformatics are always welcome to get in touch with us