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PQ2014 Information for Authors

You are kindly invited to contribute to the PQ2014 conference by writing a paper in the topics proposed for the conference. To do this, there are easy steps to follow and please be ready by the times listed under "Important Dates".

1. For submitting a paper for the PQ2014 conference, we invite you to submit an abstract of the paper first.

2. The abstract will be reviewed by the PQ2014 Conference Committee and notification on the paper suitability for the Conference will be provided.

3. After the notification of the topic suitability, full papers are expected with the final content of the paper. For writing a full paper, there is a short guide available here. Please note that it is highly important to follow the paper formatting rules when writing a full paper!

4. After the paper has been received, it will go under more detailed review by the members of the Scientific Committee of the PQ2014 Conference. A decision of the full paper acceptance will be then sent to the authors, with comments on improvement of the paper if applicable.

5. The editor of the PQ2014 conference will look through the papers and provide notes on formatting if needed. Please provide some help for her and go carefully through the formatting rules before sending in the final version of the paper!

6. It there are some remarks from reviewers on the content to improve and/or if there are editorial remarks concerning the formatting of the paper to improve, please prepare an updated version of the full paper, taking into account the remarks provided. After this, please send in the final full version of the paper.

7. After the final version of the paper has been received, a final notice of acceptance will be provided if the content and formatting are meeting the requirements. In general, those whose full papers have received acceptance will have no trouble of receiving the final acceptance.

8. After full acceptance, please register yourself as a participant to the conference.

9. In order for a full paper to be published in the PQ2014 Conference Proceedings and IEEE Xplore,  at least one of the authors has to be a registered attendee and present the paper during the PQ2014 conference.

Please also take into account that one conference attendee can present up to two of accepted papers with his/her contribution. Each additional paper per presenter will have to be discussed separately with the PQ2014 Conference Committee. Please contact us for further details.

10. PQ2014 organizing commitee has decided not to publish digests this time. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused!

After full acceptance and registration, please prepare a short digest (limited to 1 page exactly, no more, no less) of the paper content that will cover the most important aspects of the paper content and send this to the PQ2014 organizers. A guide to writing a digest can be found here. The digest materials will be delivered to the participants of the PQ2014 on paper, while the full papers would be provided in digital format. 

11. After full acceptance, please prepare the oral presentation along with graphical material to present in the PQ2014 sessions. 

12. Come to the PQ2014 conference, to take part of a high level professional discussion in the developments of the methods and solutions in the fields of electric engineering!

Guidelines for writing and submitting a full paper to the PQ2014 Conference

We invite authors to publish the papers at the PQ2014 conference. Level of the papers is expected to be scientific. Both theoretical papers as well as conclusions from practical experience are welcome. As you probably know, a good paper holds in it some theory as well as practical examples!


Length of papers for the PQ2014 conference is expected to be 4, 6 or 8 pages when using IEEE PES authors kit formatting rules, with A4 paper size used.  Last page of the paper would have to be filled at least 50%. Papers with different length than specified above will not be accepted, including overlength papers.

Formatting rules

Papers for PQ2014 conference have to be formatted according to PQ2014 custom template (based on former IEEE template). Using this template allows fitting more content to the paper.

Instructions for writing and all formatting parameters are provided in this template. One of the convenient ways to establish properly formatted paper is to prepare the content beforehand and then paste the content to the template. However, in further details content formatting details not disclosed in this template, the authors could follow the guidelines provided within IEEE PES authors kit , MS Word template for PES Technical Papers (reference PG4).
PQ2014 electronic publications files will be in colour and the papers submitted can also be in colour. The proceedings will be also in colour print (available only on request during registration).

File format

Papers for the PQ2014 conference have to be provided to the conference organizers in .doc or .docx format. It is preferred that the document is created with MS Word versions 2000 or later. .pdf –format papers are not accepted.


Full Paper Submission and Reviewing is organized through EasyChair system.

For your convenience brief step-by-step instruction on how to submit a paper is given below:

1) Visit the EasyChair site using this link https://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=pq2014

2) Login to your account using the same name as it was during abstract submission.

3) Find your PQ2014 submission and use Submit a New Version link in right hand menu in the existing submission.

4) Upload a full paper (doc or docx) that will replace an abstract file (if it was previously uploaded).

5) Click on Update Information link in the right hand menu and then select category: Full Paper instead of Abstract.

If you have no more corrections in this part press the button: Change Information below to save updates.

Please feel free to contact PQ2014 Organizing Team if you have any trouble with submitting. Use our email pq2014@ttu.ee or skype: jevgeni.shklovski to contact us.

Reviewing and checking

All papers presented will be checked for main formatting guidelines and after formatting is approved for review, papers are forwarded to members of the PQ2014 Technical Committee for reviewing. For each paper reviewers will present comments on the content and evaluation marks on different aspects of content. After receiving positive reviewing comments, the paper will go under more detailed formatting review and authors are sent comments on aspects to approve. Authors are required to provide a paper fully correcting editorial and reviewer remarks in two weeks after the paper review results are available.

Proof of acceptance

After the paper has received approval for the full paper, author can request a proof of acceptance document from PQ2014 organizers. This will be official announcement that the paper has been accepted and is ready for the conference presentation.