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Consultation hours

Contact the lecturer in order to get information about the consultation hours. Contact information of the lecturer can be easily found by using the TalTech search engine. For the consultation contact the assistant to Program Manager Emily Ridal via email: emily.ridal@taltech.ee


A graduate of the Cybersecurity programme specializing in cybersecurity is ready to be employed as a technical professional or a manager in the field of cyber security. A graduate of the program specializing in digital forensics is ready to be employed as a security incident handler in a company or a digital forensic expert in a law enforcement agency. When choosing a place for internship, mentioned fields can serve as an example.

In order to pass the course Practical Training (ITX8512, 6 ECTS):

Internship coordinator for the curriculum is Rain Ottis. Internship coordinator is an advisor, who, if necessary, recommends a place for internship, and explains and specifies the requirements for an internship.