Tallinn University of Technology

Internship in the School of IT

What to keep in mind when planning your internship?

  • Internship arrangement in the School of Information Technologies is set out in the general internship guidelines. 
  • The general rules of internship have been set out in the Academic Policies.
  • Each curriculum has its own detailed requirements for the internship - it is important to familiarize yourself with the specific requirements in advance. Please make sure to check:
    • Directions for practice on your study programme web page (School of Information Technologies >  Studies > Bachelor's studies or Master's studies > page of the corresponding curriculum);
    • The requirements of internship subject of your study programme in SIS (ÕIS)
  • Specific study programmes have internship curators, who are responsible for managing the internship process. You can find the names and contacts of curators from your study programme page.

For Cyber Security Engineering study programme students there are separate guidelines and a web page with internship instructions

As a rule, a student shall find the host organisation by himself/herself. 

Please contact the internship curator for your study programme if you seek more information regarding finding an internship position. 

Useful links:

Internship is not subject to declaration, it can be carried out at any time, however it is recommended to focus on studies on the first academic year (only for study programme IVSB there are prerequisites). 

Internship workload and outcome

The workload of internship is indicated in the study programme. As a rule, 1 ECTS credit corresponds to 26 hours of work. The internship tasks have to support achievement of the learning outcomes set for the internship. If not sure, the internship coordinator (curator) of the speciality should be contacted.

Internship contract

As a rule, a trilateral agreement (the organization, Taltech, the student) is not required, but some companies that offer internships want to sign it before the internship can begin. In such a case, please fill in a contract questionnaire or contact Riina Tallo (riina.tallo@taltech.ee). 

Usually employers will also sign an additional bilateral agreement with students. 

Assessment of internship

After the completion of internship the following documents must be submitted:

  1. a template-based application in ÕIS (Applications/submission of application/acceptance of practice);
  2. signed evaluation form of the supervisor at the host organisation;
  3. internship report (recommended structure is outlined in the internship general guidelines);
  4. other documents necessary to prove that an internship has been completed.

The form of internship defence is decided by the head of study programme.