Tallinn University of Technology



February 2020

Annual award for the best research in the field of technical sciences

Professor Jüri Krustok of the Institute of Cybernetics and his former supervised Maarja Grossberg (current materials scientist and Head of the University's Laboratory of Optoelectronic Materials Physics) received the annual award for the best research in technical sciences completed and published during the last four years.

Work cycle in the field of "Optical spectroscopy of new 2D and 3D multiconductors" Grossberg and Krustok ask how microadditives affect the ability of corerite materials to convert light into electricity. They have created monocrystalline and monothermal materials from a complex combination of copper, zinc / iron, antimony and sulfur, modified them precisely with other elements and measured the reaction of the resulting composites to light. Their grown graphene-like ultra-thin semiconductors could become the heart of optoelectronic solutions of the future.