Tallinn University of Technology

Innovative Materials for Industrial Applications

Keywords: ceramics; composites; multifunctional structures; bio-inspired materials; tribology; recycling; high temperature materials; chemical vapour deposition; self-propagating high temperature synthesis; microstructural analysis; mechanical testing; additive manufacturing; spark plasma sintering

The research of the group is broadly subdivided into four main interconnected and highly interdisciplinary directions: (a) bio-inspired multi-functional composites; (b) high-temperature damage-tolerant composites; (c) powders for SLS of composites and AM of complex-shaped composites; and (d) recycling.
The group is comprised of several laboratories: The Laboratory of Self-propagating High temperature Synthesis (SHS) is dealing with preparation of powders, mostly ceramic based composite powders. The Lab of Chemical Vapor Deposition is specialized on functionalization by carbon. The group shares Powder Metallurgy and Additive Manufacturing Laboratories focusing on spark plasma sintering and selective laser sintering. The Laboratory of Tribology and Materials Testing is the only place in Estonia where materials can be tested under most of tribological conditions. The Laboratory of Disintegrator Technology is working with the combined systems of impact grinding and separation based on disintegrator mills.