Tallinn University of Technology

nZEB technological test facility

Modern technological NZEB test facility, constructed in 2013, allows to use several room configurations in order to simulate office, school or residential buildings. It is well suitable for façade and solar shading measurements, because large parts of facades can be replaced. The test facility is configured as NZEB including ventilation, cooling, ground source heat pump system with new type spiral collector as well as PV, solar thermal, solar shading with motorized external blinds and photocell controlled dimmable LED lighting. Currently, measurement setups have been built to north and south orientated walls especially for moisture performance analyses of highly insulated external walls. Indoor climatic conditions, including humidity, are well controllable. Heating system studies conducted so far cover thermal comfort with different heating solutions, heat emitters efficiency and performance of room temperature controllers and thermostats. Residential ventilation system studies have analysed the performance of single room ventilation units and air change efficiency of typical residential ventilation products. NZEB experimental test facility is complemented with laboratory equipment consisting of interior and exterior climate chambers and a structure to be studied between them. This enables to study building envelope components and HVAC equipment at controlled climatic conditions. Some examples are frost resistance measurements of interior insulation systems and frost formation measurements of heat exchangers of ventilation units.

Jarek Kurnitski
Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture

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