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Full-time study - a student must acquire the minimum of 45 ECTS credits in one academic year.

A student studying in a state - commissioned student place must study full-time, otherwise the student may lose his or her student place. Only students studying full-time can apply for study loans and study allowances.

Part-time study - a student must acquire the minimum of 30 ECTS (15 ECTS in case of distance learning) and the maximum of 44.5 ECTS credits in one academic year. A student can study part-time only in a non-state-commissioned student place.

Matriculation - admission to the university, entry in the student register.

Exmatriculation - expelling from the university; deletion from the student register.

Re-matriculation - restoration of the student's academic status.

Matriculation number - personal identification number given to a student by a matriculation or admission directive - please remember the number.

Student code - each student has a personal identifier, which consists of digits i.e. matriculation number and letters, i.e. the study programme code.

A study programme is a document that sets out the list of courses, the options and conditions for selecting courses, the requirements for completing the studies, etc.

An individual study plan - i.e. declaration is the list of courses the student has selected for the coming semester, which he or she undertakes to study.

ECTS - European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. 1 credit point = 1.5 ECTS credits. The volume of a course shall be calculated in ECTS credits since the autumn semester of 2009. 1 ECTS credit = 26 hours of work.

Open University is a continuing education centre, where everything taught at TalTech can be studied. One can take a full study programme and obtain a TalTech diploma or take single courses for self-improvement. A fee is charged for the studies. There is no part-time or full-time requirement. Study loans, study allowances and other benefits for the students cannot be applied for.

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