Tallinn University of Technology

Wider Society


TravelEx will set up an exhibition providing accessible and general information about mining and raw material in society. The exhibition will be available for rental by museums and science centres for a period of about 4 to 6 months. This exhibition targets the wider society and children aged from 8 to 14-17 years old, which will gain knowledge on mineral resources.

Mine Heritage

This project will build knowledge and capacity about state-of-the-art circular economy and resource efficiency practices - in order to ensure that future graduate engineers have the skills to develop more sustainable processes in the raw materials value chains. Partners from both countries with state-of-the-art CE and Resource Efficiency practices (Finland and Sweden) and RIS countries (Estonian, Italy and Poland) will work together to develop a course curriculum and digital course content.  The capacity of RIS partners to use the course to educate engineering students and support industry will also be built by training and supporting these partners.