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The 9th eCAADe Regional International Symposium will be held at TalTech - Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn, Estonia on June 15th and 16th, 2023. It will be an occasion
to meet many of you in Estonia, for two days rich of ideas, discussions, knowledge exchange and collaboration kick-offs regarding innovative approaches supported by computer aided architectual design. 

Symposium theme:
Regenerating the city. Performance-driven and simulation-based computational design for sustainable cities and communities

The aim of the 9th eCAADe Regional International Symposium (RIS 2023) organized at TalTech is to promote innovative approaches of computer-aided architectural design to the scientific, academic, and professional communities in the Baltic region and beyond. The focus is on the potential of computational design to help improve the sustainability of cities through performance-driven and simulation-based approaches. The symposium will create connections and promote discourse between local expertises, researchers, and professionals in the field of building simulation and performance, with the eCAADe and the scientific community, to develop project ideas, research, and educational collaborations. Additionally, the event will be catalyst for the creation of a community of architects, designers, researchers, and scholars in the area of the Baltics and north-eastern Europe, for the advancement of computational design, sustainable design, simulation, and performance-driven design, through strengthening relations and generating new collaborations.

The Symposium is realized through the support, grants and financial help from the following institutions and companies.

Tartu Kaubamaja