Tallinn University of Technology

Day-to-day life



Losing or not returning the key

cost of the key+5€

Losing or not returning the access card/chip


Cleaning service upon leaving the rooms or common areas untidy


Akadeemia 5a cleaning service upon leaving the apartment untidy 60€

Additional expense for repeated, deliberate or serious disregard of the internal rules

up to 150€

Additional expense for smoking in an area that is not designated as smoking area


Additional expense for removing or covering the smoke detector


Additional expense for added work caused by repeated changing of rooms/houses from the 2nd relocation initiated by the Tenant


Reimbursement of expenses if the Tenant has caused a serious need for security service


Opening of an apartment or room door by the security service


Clearing the blockage of clogged toilet, shower or sink caused by the activities of the Tenant(s)


Removal of furniture at the Tenant's request (dismantling, moving, storage)


All our rooms are furnished with basic furniture. You have a bed, a table and chair, a shelf and wardrobe. Kitchens are furnished with basic household appliances. All the rest – blankets, pillows, bed linen, pots and pans – have to be organized by the student.

In case of emergencies and problems that call for quick solutions, please notify Student Campus by calling (+372) 620 3651.

If you need help with smaller repair jobs (broken door locks, light bulbs needing to be replaced, drainage problems, etc), please open your TTÜ eCampus account and submit a maintenance request "Order Maintenance". This is the fastest way to reach the technicians! Notify also your box-mates about calling the technician. Our technicians are working from 9:00 to 16.00.

If a problem in need of quick solution rises during the time that does not fall under office hours or during the weekend, contact security service by calling:

  • Mustamäe - (+372) 620 2112
  • Siidisaba - (+372) 619 1899
  • Kohtla-Järve - (+372) 619 1899

All our dormitories are covered with free Wifi connection. You can read more about internet connections from our additional services section.

There are no guards in student residences but we do have security cameras throughout the campus territory. Security is provided 24/7 by Forus and TalTech security service. Security camera footage, access system data and other security-related information is routed around the clock to TalTech Security Centre (VI building). The access card program can monitor the use of tenants' access cards.

If there are any problems with access systems or cards, please notify Student Campus during the office hours. Outside of office hours and on weekends, please contact security service.

Tenants can play a big role in creating a safe living environment and therefore we ask all tenants to pay attention. Do not let strangers in after you when entering the dormitory. Notify the security service if you see someone causing problems or disturbing nighttime peace. Report problematic neighbours to Student Campus. Employees of Student Campus and TalTech security service team have the right to ask the residents of the dormitory for an identification document. Our security staff is always wearing an uniform.

  • Do not cause fire alarm to occur. A fire alarm is almost always accompanied by a departure of Fire Fighting Service and possible sanctions againts the person  causing the alarm. Currently the maximum fine is 800€.
  • Smoking indoors, including corridors, is strictly forbidden! It is also forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages and narcotic substances!
  • Silent hours begin at 23:00.

Security service contacts:

  • Mustamäe - (+372) 620 2112
  • Siidisaba - (+372) 619 1899
  • Kohtla-Järve - (+372) 619 1899

All our tenants are required to clean their living premises (including kitchen, shower room and toilet).

Please read more here

Self-service laundries are located:

  • Akadeemia 7/1 and 7/2 - in the cellar near B entrance
  • Akadeemia 5 and 5a - in the cellar
  • Siidisaba 7 - on ground floor of A-building

All tenants have the access rights to the laundry room on their cards already. If you are living in Raja 4D or Akadeemia 11, you can use the laundry room located in Akadeemia 7/1 and 7/2 houses. 

You can use the washing machines by paying with coins directly to the machine or use LaundryOmat app. Use of washing machine costs 3€/per machine and dryer costs 0,5€/per hour. Washing detergent is not provided, so please make sure to bring your own. Laundry rooms are accessible 24/7. 

In case there are any problems with washing machines, please contact the service provider Iizi&Zuts.

TalTech campus has several parking lots in various sizes, where tenants can park their car. For tenants, who have a rental agreement with Student Campus and who have registered their car number in TTÜ eCampus system, parking in our campus territory’s on-the-ground parking lots will be free of charge 24/7. For registering your car number, log in to your eCampus account, open your contract and at the end of the page is a registration section. Please register the car number with capital letters and without space between the numbers and letters, e.g. 123ABC. NB! You can resister only one number per resident.

For guests and people who do not live in Student Campus, the charge for parking is 1€/hour or 3€/24h. One hour of parking is free for everyone when the parking clock is used. 

Parking on Siidisaba 7 dormitory's area is free for tenants who have a housing contract with Student Campus and whose car is registered in e-Campus. Parking lot at Siidisaba 8 belongs to the University of Applied Sciences but is open to all residents of Siidisaba 7 without registration. 

If you wish, you can also park your car in the underground paid parking lot of Akadeemia 7.  You can use the underground parking lot on short-term (hourly and daily) basis as well as on a monthly basis. With monthly parking, you can choose the parking period and it is not related to the calendar month. 

The price for the underground parking for the residents of Student Campus is 18€/car/month. To receive the discount, the registration number of the car must be entered to TTÜ eCampus. Parking fee for those who do not have a rental agreement and who do not live in the dormitories is 30€/car/month.

Parking is organized by Ühisteenused AS.

How to buy the parking permit:

  • Please open your TTÜ eCampus account and save your vehicle registration number under your contract information. 
  • After you have saved the number, please go to a website www.parkimine.ee/en/ where you can buy the permit. NB! Only vehicles registered previously in TTÜ eCampus system can use the discount price! 
  • On this website select search for “TalTech campus underground parking lot” or select it from the map, then choose your preferred parking period and use discount code “KYLA”
  • Payment can be made on the same website by bank links.
  • If you have any questions about parking permits please contact: parkimine@yhisteenused.ee

All tenants can use the indoor bicycle parking rooms if you wish to do so. To use the storage room, open your TTÜ eCampus app and order the access as extra service. Using the bike room is free of charge. 

Bicycle parking rooms are located:

  • Akadeemia 7/1 - on 0 floor in room A-004 and A-oo5
  • Akadeemia 7/2 - on 0 floor in room B-013
  • Siidisaba 7 - on ground floor of A and B building

If you have lost your key or access card and our office is closed already, please call the security service. NB! Opening the apartment or room door by the security crew costs 5€. On the following workday please come to our office and we can issue a new key or card for you. Please remember that we cannot issue Siidisaba room keys from Mustamäe office without prior agreement!

Please be noted that you have to compensate the loss of the card/key (also in situations where they were stolen). Invoice for the fee will be forwarded electronically.

NB! In case of lost keys, please do not try to duplicate them yourself (e.g. borrowing from neighbour and duplicating them). Student Campus accepts only original keys and you will be charged the fee for lost key if you bring us the duplicate.

If you have forgotten the key or your access card to your room, please contact or come to our office to get a copy of the key/card. If our office is already closed, please contact security service:

  • Mustamäe - (+372) 620 2112
  • Siidisaba - (+372) 619 1899
  • Kohtla-Järve - (+372) 619 1899

NB! Opening the apartment or room door by the security crew costs 5€, invoice is sent electronically.

If the card reader is not reacting to the access card anymore, it can be either an error of the card or the general system. In this case you should contact Student Campus or security service if our offices are closed already.

In case of an error in general system, you should wait for couple of minutes and the system should start working again. When there is a major problem in the system, we will leave all the doors open.

If you wish to add furniture or replace some of the furniture in your Mustamäe dormitory room, please contact our administrator. In case you live in Siidisaba 7, please contact the housing manager. NB! In Siidisaba 7 dormitory, it is not possible to remove big item furniture from your room (e.g bed, wardrobe).

Assigned or added pieces of furniture will also be marked on the Instrument of Delivery and Receipt. Please note that removal of furniture is charged based on the price list!