Tallinn University of Technology

General information

For getting a place in Student Campus you need to start by submitting your housing application.

  • You can submit only one application at once and choose maximum of two houses as your preference. Make sure that you have checked our dormitories and their prices prior to submitting the application.
  • The first thing you need to decide when starting to make the application is the room type which you would like to rent. You can select only one room type, so please make sure that your selection compliments your wishes! Easiest place to receive is in a shared room a.k.a "one place in twin room".
  • If you wish to share a room with your friend, both of you need to submit a group application. If you are the first to submit the application, leave the group application section empty but make sure to write down your application ID number, which you will receive after submitting the application form. The following applicant must enter their friend's application ID number to "Main application ID" box. Please remember that it is not guaranteed that you will get a place with your friend. We can move people to the same room only when we have available rooms.
  • You have to extend your application every 60 days, otherwise it will expire and you will lose your spot in the waiting list. Please keep on extending the application until we send you a housing offer. To extend the application, you will be sent an e-mail with a web link through which you can extend the application. The e-mail will be sent to you 5 days before the application expires.
  • After submitting the application, it is not possible to change the submitted data or view the application. A confirmation letter will be sent to you about the registration of the application.

First-year international students

Application process for first-year international students starts on June 17, 2024 at 9:00 AM (Estonian time: GMT+2)

It is crucial to adhere to the given time, as any early submissions will be placed on a general waiting list, making it more challenging to secure a housing. 

For any inquiries, feel free to e-mail us. However, we kindly request that you thoroughly review all the information available on our website before reaching out. Please be aware that during summer, our email volume is high, and response times may be delayed. Your patience is greatly appreciated! 

Good to know:

  • First-year priority application does not extend to room types offering more privacy, such as private flats (1 or 2 beds), single rooms, twin rooms in single room etc. These room types are allocated based on the general waiting list.
  • We will start sending out housing offers for first-year students from July 4, 2024 until September 30. From October 1 onward, all applications on the waiting list will be treated equally, irrespective of whether you are a first-year or an older-course student. 
  • We strongly advise against rejecting a housing offer without first contacting our office. Otherwise it might happen that you won't get a new offer any time soon, potentially jeopardizing your place in the dormitory. It the initial offer seems unsuitable, be sure to email us before declining it. 
  • Consider the university's pre-week when selecting your move-in date. This year, TalTech's pre-week for first-year students is scheduled from August 26 to August 30.

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Matriculated students

If you are already actively studying (meaning you are already participating in classes) then you can apply for a place throughout the year. During summer period, we make offers mainly to first-year students so it's important to know that all applications that are submitted between July 1 and September 30 will remain in the general waiting list and we will return to them starting from October 1.  Therefore, please make sure that you apply before June 30 if you need a place for the upcoming academic year or if you wish to change your room.

NB! If you already have a valid contract and you do not renew it during the extension period, we will not enter into a new contract with you at the beginning of the fall. All students who have a valid rental agreement and wish to live in the dormitory in autumn must extend their existing contract.

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