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Blockwaste koond

Innovative training based on blockchain technology applied to waste management

The BlockWASTE project will address the interoperability between waste management and blockchain technology, in order to promote its proper treatment through educational training, so that the data collected will be shared within a safe environment, where there is no room for uncertainty and mistrust between all parties involved.

Projekti veebileht: https://blockwasteproject.eu/

The objectives of this project are as follows:

  • Research on solid waste generated in cities and how it is being managed, so that it can be used to create an information base of good practices, in order to reintroduce waste into the value chain, promoting the idea of Intelligent Circular Cities;
  • To identify the benefits of the Blockchain Technology within the municipal waste management (MSW) process;
  • To create a study plan that allows the training of teachers and professionals of the organizations and companies of the sector, in the field of Waste Management, Circular Economy and Blockchain Technology;
  • To develop an interactive tool based on Blockchain Technology, which will make it possible to put into practice how the data obtained from urban waste would be managed, thus visualizing the way in which the data is implemented in the blockchain and being able to evaluate different forms of management.