Tallinn University of Technology


March 07  17.00 Liberal Arts Colleges in the U.S.

March 08  Saue Gümnaasium in the EducationUSA Advising Center

March 15  17.00 NCAA Sports Scholarships at U.S. Universities

March 17  EducationUSA in info fair Orientiir

March 21  16.00 consultation "undergraduate Study in the U.S."

March 23  EducationUSA in  Viljandi Gümnaasium

March 28  18.00 Sports Culture at American Universities

March 30  16.00 consultation "Graduate Study in the U.S."

American Space events:

March 06 
18.00 American English Club

March 16  American Day in Mektory

March 20  18.00 American English Club

February 06 6pm EducationUSA Virtual Club

February 08 5pm Finding Your Best Fit University

February 16 4pm Undergraduate Study in the U.S.

February 21 6pm  Benefits of STEM Education

February 28 4pm Graduate Study in the U.S.

American Space events:

February 01  American Day in Mektory

February 06  American English Club

February 09  American Day in Mektory

February 09. - 11  American Space in TourEst

February 16  American Day in Mektory

February 20 6pm American English Club

January 10 4pm Consultation "Undergraduate Study in the U.S"

January 19 4 pm Consultation "Graduate Study in the U.S."

American Space events:

January 6 Special event for the teachers

January 23 6pm American English Club

January 26 American Day in Mektory

December 01  5pm SAT Workshop

December 06  EducationUSA in Tallinna Saksa Gümnaasium

December 12  6pm  How to Prepare a Strong Graduate School Application

American Space events:

December 01 American Day in Mektory

December 05  6pm American English Club

December 08 American Day in Mektory

December 09  3pm  Award ceremony of the poster contest

December 13 American Space in Olustvere maamajanduskool

November 08 EducationUSA in Ehte Humanitaargümnaasium

November 09  EducationUSA Virtual Club

November 10 EducationUSA in youth conference Lahe Koolipäev

November 14  Open Doors in the Advising Center

November 15 17.00  EducationUSA Baltics Virtual Fair

November 16  EducationUSA in Tallinna Euroopa Kool

November 17  EducationUSA in Kadrioru Saksa Gümnaasium

November 22 3pm Finding Your Fit

November 22  6 pm  EducationUSA Virtual Club

November 30 5 pm EducationUSA Virtual Club

November 29 EducationUSA in Kuressaare American Corner

November 30 EducationUSA in youth fair "Tuleviku kompass"

American Space events:

November 03 American Day in Mektory

November 07  6pm American English Club

November 21 6pm American English Club

October 3 4.30 pm  Study in U.S! Infosession in Tallinn

October 5  4pm EducationUSA in Tartu University library

October 6 5 pm EducationUSA Virtual Club

October 11  EducationUSA in Rocca al Mare school

October 18 6pm  Free TOEFL short course begins

October 20 3.30 pm EducationUSA Virtual Club

American Space events:

October 10 6pm American English Club

October 20 American Day in Mektory

October 24  6pm American English Club

September 13 4pm Infosession about international tests

September 15 - 16 EducationUSA in Valga Gümnaasium

September 22 4 pm Consultation "Graduate Study in U.S."

September 27 4 pm Undergraduate Study in U.S.

September 29 6 pm EducationUSA Virtual Club

American Space events

September 15 - 16 American Space in  Valga Gümnaasium

September 26 6pm  American English Club

September 29 American Day in Mektory

June 02 Visit by Audentese Spordigümnaasium

June 07 Visit by private school "Garant"

June 09 Visit by Järveotsa Gümnaasium

June 16 3pm  Pre-Departure Orientation Program

American Space events:

June 06 6 pm American English Club

June 09 American Day in Mektory

May 04 6 pm "Green" study in the U.S.

May 05 4 pm  "Student Visas"

May 11 EducationUSA in Narva

May 12 4pm Flourishing Students: The Role of HEIs in Promoting Well-Being

May 12 7pm Prepare for College Success with EducationUSA Academy Connects

May 16 5pm Q&A With US University Graduates

May 17 4 pm Undergraduate Study in U.S.

May 24 4pm Graduate Study in U.S.

May 30 EducationUSA in  Tallinna Saksa Gümnaasium

American Space eventd:

May 06 American Day in Mektory

May 09 6 pm American English Club

May 23 6pm American English Club

May 26 Jüri Gümnaasium visits American Space

April 01  17.00 Webinar "Personal Branding"

April 06  17.00 Student-Athlete Webinar

April 07  17.00 Webinar "Study in Ohio"

April 12 16.00 Undergraduate Study in U.S.

April 19  16.00  Graduate Study in U.S.

American Space events:

April 11  6pm American English Club

April 12 American Space in Tallinn Helen’s School

April 22  American Day in Mektory

April 25  6pm  American English Club

April 27 American Day in Mektory

March 03 4pm  Undergraduate Study in U.S.

March 04 4pm  "Working Opportunities during and after US studies"

March 09   EducationUSA in  Paide Gümnaasium

March 10 5pm  Academic Writing Workshop

March 17 4pm  Graduate Study in U.S.

March 24 5pm Public Speaking Workshop

American Space events:

March 10  Visit by Jüri Gümnaasium

March 14  6pm  American English Club

March 25  American Day in Mektory

March 28 6pm  American English Club

February 03 4pm  Undergraduate Study in the U.S.

February 08 4 pm  Infosession about International Tests

February 15 5 pm Webinar "Graduate Study in the U.S."

American Space events:

February 14 6pm  American English Club

February 17 3 pm English Teachers’ Afternoon in TalTech Mektory

February 18  American Day in Mektory

February 28 6pm American English Club

January 13 4 pm  Undergraduate Study in U.S.

January 25 4 pm  Graduate Study in U.S.

American Space events:

January 14  American Day in Mektory

January 28 American Day in Mektory

January 31 6pm American English Club