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Professor Michael Funke giving feedback on project IKID research

IKID Advisory Board member Professor Michael Funke from the University of Hamburg visited TalTech as Adjunct Professor in September 2021. During the doctoral seminar at TalTech, he gave valuable comments and suggestions on the IKID research paper "R&D efficiency in European regions: the effect of business sector spending” by Heili Hein, PhD student and IKID team member at TalTech. Also, the face to face discussions of Professor Funke with IKID team members Aaro Hazak (Leader of IKID, Head of WP1 and WP5), Kadri Männasoo (Head of WP2), Karin Jõeveer (Head of WP3) and Helery Tasane (PhD student) provided valuable recommendations on research, cooperation and academic development beyond the end of Project IKID.

Michael Funke at TalTech doctoral seminar
Prof Michael Funke at TalTech seminar

Project IKID Fellow Natalia Levenko defended her PhD thesis at TalTech

On 17 December 2020, Natalia Levenko defended her PhD thesis "Uncertainty and Measurement in Macroeconomics", supervised by Professor Karsten Staehr.

The opponents were Mariarosaria Comunale, PhD, from Bank of Lithuania and Associate Professor Lenno Uusküla from University of Tartu. The thesis consists of three publications covering selected macroeconomic topics with a special focus on economic uncertainty and measurement. The analysis is restricted to European economies as these countries play an important role in the global economy and are typically less studied than the US economy. While the unifying theme for the thesis is economic uncertainty and data quality, the papers focus on different topics, covering growth decomposition, consumer expectations and household saving, and issues related to measuring forecast uncertainty.

The research in the thesis was supported by Project IKID.

Congratulations to Natalia Levenko!

Link to the press release

Natalia Levenko's PhD Defence

2020 Emerald Literati Award to the Hazak, Ruubel & Virkebau paper

Emerald Publishing has recognised with the 2020 Emerald Literati Award: Highly Commended Paper the publication "When would creative R&D employees like to work?" by Prof. Aaro Hazak, Dr. Raul Ruubel and Marko Virkebau - one of the three papers published in the past year in the International Journal of Organizational Analysis by Emerald Publishing that received the award. The paper was written under project IKID.

Literati Awards 2020

Raul Ruubel defended his PhD thesis at TalTech Department of Economics and Finance

Raul Ruubel defended on 23 November 2020 his PhD thesis "Working Schedules and Efficient Time-Use in R&D Work", supervised by Professor Aaro Hazak and Professor Kadri Männasoo.

The opponents were Professor Michael Burda from Berlin Humboldt University and Professor Michiru Nagatsu from the University of Helsinki. The thesis is based on three published journal papers, addressing the heterogeneity of preferences of R&D employees for working schedules and their misalignment with actual and contractual working time, and some time-related aspects of job autonomy that may contribute to human capital being used more efficiently in knowledge work.

The research in the thesis was supported by Project IKID.

Congratulations to Raul Ruubel!

Link to the press release

Raul Ruubeli doktoritöö kaitsmine

Professor Aaro Hazak on Estonian Television

Interview with Prof Aaro Hazak, Head of Project IKID, was broadcast on Estonian Television news on 12 October 2020 to comment on the work of the 2020 Nobel Prize winners in economics Prof Paul Milgrom and Prof Robert Wilson.

Aaro Hazak on national news

Speech by Professor Kadri Männasoo at the ′′Culture as Capital′′ conference

Professor Kadri Männasoo, WP leader of Project IKID, gave a speech on ′′Well-being, work and economic development′′ and participated in the discussion roundtable ′′Culture, Capital and Homo Economicus" on 10 October 2020 at the conference ′′Culture as Capital′′ that brought together for interdisciplinary knowledge transfer various culture and economics people. The event was organised by the Estonian Culture House at Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel Conference Center.

Kultuur kui kapital, Kadri Männasoo ettekanne

Dina Chhorn selected to attend the Lindau Nobel Laureates meeting

Project IKID leadership has recommended RULE researcher Dina Chhorn, PhD - who has been on staff exchange to both TalTech and UNIL and who has been among the most productive scholars under Project IKID - as a candidate to attend the Lindau meeting with Nobel prize winners in economics, one of the most prominent events globally for young economists. We are very glad that Dina has been selected by the scientific review panel of the Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings to participate in the 7th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences. This event will comprise the Lindau Nobel Laureate Online Science Days, the Online Sciathon 2020 and a meeting in Lindau, Germany, with numerous Nobel Prize winners in economics. Moreover, during the Online Sciathon 2020 the team of Dina and his co-participants "Group Enninful" was selected among the 48 participating teams as one of the finalists to present their project “A Guideline for Effective Communication on Climate Change”. Congratulations to Dina on this huge success!

The team of Dina Chhorn selected as a finalist of the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting Online Sciathon 2020
The team of Dina Chhorn selected as a finalist of the Lindau Nobel Laureates Meeting Online Sciathon 2020

ECEE summer school on Forecasting with DSGE Models

We had the pleasure to host from 10-12 June 2020 online ECEE summer school on Forecasting with Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium Models with Michał Rubaszek, Associate Professor and the Head of the Financial Markets Modelling Unit at Warsaw School of Economics as the course instructor. The online summer school gave a fruitful opportunity for over 20 participants from TalTech, Project IKID South Asian partner universities, University of Melbourne, University of Rostock, Örebro University, University of Tartu, Warsaw School of Economics, American University of Beirut, Lincoln International Business School, Eesti Pank and Bank of Latvia to gain valuable knowledge on DSGE modelling. The summer school was organised under project IKID.

ECEE suvekool 2020

Project IKID covered on the CORDIS news portal in six languages

We are glad that articles on Project IKID activities have been published in six different languages on the CORDIS European research news portal: https://cordis.europa.eu/article/id/413175-boosting-economic-transition-in-south-east-asia?WT.mc_id=exp

Research capacity building workshops at HCMCUL, RULE and NUOL

Following earlier research capacity building events, a series of workshops on research methodology, publishing research, and research management skills were held in December 2019 by TalTech scholars at HCMCUL, RULE and NUOL. The workshops were held by Karin Jõeveer, Tanel Kerikmäe and Archil Chcochia during their visits to the South-East Asian partner universities, providing a fruitful possibility for the local scholars to discuss research management, funding and publications related issues and learn from the experiences of TalTech experienced scholars.


Prof Tanel Kerikmäe and Dr Archil Chochia delivering a workshop on funding, management and publishing research internationally at HCMCUL


Associate Professor Karin Jõeveer with participants of the seminar on research management, funding and publications skills at NUOL


Dr Archil Chochia and RULE researchers at a research capacity building workshop

Intersectoral knowledge transfer workshop in Laos

One 17-18 December 2019, IKID project team with Professor Tanel Kerikmäe (TalTech), Professor Tran Viet Dung (HCMCUL) and Professor Thomas Hoffmann (TalTech) organised a knowledge transfer workshop in Vientiane for the local researchers and practitioners. The workshop was conducted during the Good Governance and Rule of Law conference organised by Lao Ministry of Justice and GIZ. Prof. Kerikmäe, Prof. Dung and Prof. Hoffman led the panels where the current situation and perspectives on good governance and rule of law in various ASEAN countries and EU member states were discussed with insights from Project IKID work.


Professor Tanel Kerikmäe (TalTech), Professor Tran Viet Dung (HCMCUL) and Professor Thomas Hoffmann (TalTech) with other experts at panel discussion at the workshop

PhD program development at the Asian partners and 9 defended PhD theses

Within the IKID project, one of the aims of the cooperation between TalTech and UNIL and the Asian partner universities has been to work on the launching and further improving the level of doctoral programmes at HCMCUL, NUOL and RULE.

This cooperation has included co-supervision of doctoral students at HCMCUL by colleagues from TalTech. Three doctoral theses by Project IKID secondees from HCMCUL have been successfully defended, in 2018 and 2019, respectively. The first thesis, titled "Settlement of disputes arising from business or trade activities involving foreign elements by Vietnamese Courts", was successfully defended by Phan Hoài Nam and co-supervised, together with a Vietnamese colleague, by Prof. Thomas Hoffmann from TalTech. The second doctoral thesis, titled "Legal Mechanism to Ensure Justice in the State Administrative Activities", wassuccessfully defended by Duong Hoan and co-supervised, together with a Vietnamese colleague, by Prof. Tanel Kerikmäe from TalTech. Project IKID Fellow Pham Hoai Huan defended his PhD thesis "Laws on control of the price setting agreements to restrain competition" at HCMCUL in 2019. In addition, several visits of TalTech and UNIL experienced scholars to HCMCUL have provided various advice on the doctoral program development.

Prof. Andres Ziegler (UNIL), Prof. Tanel Kerikmäe (TalTech) and Dr. Archil Chochia (TalTech) have advised the RULE colleagues on PhD program launch at this leading Cambodian university. Preparations for the launch of the PhD program in the near future are ongoing.

NUOL has launched a PhD program in economics in 2019 with several Project IKID secondees having a role in the program launch and teaching activities, transferring the knowledge obtained during their visits to UNIL and TalTech to NUOL doctoral students. Moreover, the visits of TalTech and UNIL experienced researchers to NUOL have provided advice on the launch and development of the PhD program.

By the end of 2019, nine PhD defences based on Project IKID related research / by Project IKID team had been defended - by Peeter Maripuu (TalTech), Sopheak Srun (RULE; PhD from the University of Toulon), Pham Hoai Huan (HCMCUL), Simona Ferraro (TalTech), Phan Hoài Nam (HCMCUL), Maria Claudia Solarte-Vasquez (TalTech), Dina Chhorn (RULE; PhD from the University of Bordeaux), Erve Sõõru (TalTech) and Duong Hoan (HCMCUL).


Defence of the first PhD thesis supported from Project IKID, by Peeter Maripuu at TalTech in December 2017 - followed by eight more PhDs by RULE, NUOL and TalTech scholars by the end of 2019

Phan Hoai Nam defending his PhD at HCMCUL

Phan Hoai Nam defending his PhD at HCMCUL

Duong Hoan defending his PhD at HCMCUL

Duong Huan defending his PhD at HCMCUL

Pham Hoai Huan defending his PhD at HCMCUL

Pham Hoai Huan defending his PhD at HCMCUL

Professor Tanel Kerikmäe awarded with honorary professorship at HCMCUL

Director of TalTech Law School, Professor Tanel Kerikmäe was awarded an honorary professorship at HCMCUL due to his contribution in strengthening cooperation between TalTech and HCMCUL, under cooperation within the IKID project and beyond. The award ceremony was followed by a project IKID research seminar, led by Prof. Kerikmäe and Archil Chochia, where IKID research activities where discussed with several project participants. Participants of the seminar spoke about their research activities, developments and experience.


Tanel Kerikmäe (TalTech) awarded with Honorary Professor title at HCMCUL


Project IKID research seminar at HCMCUL with Project IKID team Prof. Tanel Kerikmäe (TalTech), Assoc. Prof. Geneviève Massonnet (UNIL), Assoc. Prof. Tran Viet Dung (HCMCUL), Dr Archil Chochia (TalTech), Natalia Levenko (TalTech), Hoai Nam Phan (HCMCUL) and Dinh Thi Chien (HCMCUL) and other participants

Launch of Vietnamese Journal of Legal Sciences

As one of the results of cooperation and networking between the consortium partner universities within the IKID project, an international academic journal Vietnamese Journal of Legal Sciences was launched at HCMCUL. Several participants of the IKID project, such as Prof. Tran Hoang Hai (HCMCUL), Prof. Tran Viet Dung (HCMCUL), Prof. Tanel Kerikmäe (TalTech), Prof. Andreas Ziegler (UNIL) and Dr. Archil Chochia (TalTech) are the members of the journal’s editorial board, which also includes colleagues from different countries worldwide. The first issue of the journal was published on 1 November 2019. The journal aims to become a leading academic journal in the field of legal research in the region, publishing high-level research articles from international scholars and becoming the first legal journal in the region to be indexed in the Scopus database.

Project IKID reported as a success story of European Commission funded projects

Project IKID team is proud that the project has been included as a success story among research projects funded by the European Commission. Many thanks to the entire Project IKID team at TalTech, UNIL, RULE, NUOL and HCMCUL for their hard work and contribution!

Success story on the European Commission portal: https://ec.europa.eu/research/infocentre/article_en.cfm?artid=51045

Public lecture and research seminar at UNIL

On 17 October 2019, Professor Aaro Hazak, leader of Project IKID, gave a public lecture at UNIL, introduced by Prof Andreas R. Ziegler who is coordinating Project IKID at UNIL. The lecture gave an overview of the main focus areas and results of the project, and was followed by a discussion. In addition, Prof. Ziegler and Prof. Hazak presided a research seminar with Project IKID local and exchange staff at UNIL, giving an excellent opportunity for the visitors from RULE and NUOL and the UNIL researchers to give an overview, discuss and seek feedback on their research under project IKID.


From left: Janet Su (UNIL), Dina Chhorn (RULE), Sundet Ngann (RULE), Andreas R. Ziegler (UNIL), Soulita Tiengmany (NUOL), Sothea Ta (RULE), Neevanh Saynavong (NUOL), Ha My Bui (UNIL), Aaro Hazak (TalTech)


Prof. Aaro Hazak and Prof. Andreas R. Ziegler at UNIL


Introduction by Prof. Andreas R. Ziegler

PhD defense and conference presentations by Dina Chhorn

In September 2019, Dina Chhorn (RULE) defended his PhD “Essays on the Links between Globalisation, Inequality and Poverty in Asia” at the University of Bordeaux. Congratulatioans from the IKID team! Dina completed several chapters of his PhD thesis during his secondment to TalTech under project IKID in 2018/19. He presented his doctoral research at the Eighth Meeting of the Society for the Study of Economic Inequality (ECINEQ), July 2019 at Paris School of Economics, and at the 6th RDWC Work and Well-being in the 21st Century conference, July 2019 in Geneva. Dina continues with postdoctoral research at UNIL from October 2019 under project IKID.

IKID Dina Chhorn PhD Defense

From the left: Dina Chhorn (RULE) defending his PhD; Prof. Bertrand Blancheton (Bordeaux), thesis supervisor; committee members Prof. Tanguy Bernard (Bordeaux), Prof. Sandrine Mesple Somps (Université Paris-Dauphine), Prof. Olivier Bargain (Bordeaux), Prof. Alexandru Minea (Clermont Auvergne) and Prof. Aaro Hazak (TalTech)


Dina Chhorn presented Project IKID research at the ECINEQ conference


Dina Chhorn (RULE) with Prof. Thomas Piketty (EHESS/PSE/LSE), keynote speaker of  ECINEQ

Project IKID research seminars continued in 2019/2020

Project IKID regular research seminar series at TalTech Department of Economics and Finance started in Spring 2017 and continue also in 2019/2020 with presentations of recent research by several international scholars. In addition to TalTech scholars who present their recent research, we are pleased to host Gazi Salah Uddin (Linköping University), Cho Hyejin (Université Paris 1 - Panthéon Sorbonne) and Olivier Bargain (University of Bordeaux), among others. Full schedule of the seminars is available here. In addition, research seminars to present and discuss Project IKID research are held at the other partner universities - UNIL, NUOL, RULE and HCMCUL.


Project IKID research seminar at TalTech with participants from the consortium partner universities


Project IKID research seminar at HCMUL with participants from HCMCUL, UNIL and TalTech

2019 Annual Meeting of Project IKID

Annual meeting of Project IKID was held in June 2019 in Tallinn as part of the 11th international ECEE conference giving an opportunity for the Project IKID team, including visitors from NUOL and HCMCUL, to listen to presentations by researchers from various universities worldwide, seek feedback on their research and establish contacts for future networking. Several presentations related to research under Project IKID: Helery Tasane et al. (TalTech, RULE, UT, NUOL) “Institutions and R&D engagement of SMEs in Laos”; Ho Hoang Gia Bao & Le Hoang Phong (HCMCUL) “Examining J-curve effect in the trade between Vietnam and the European Union at aggregate and bilateral levels”; Heili Hein (TalTech) “Efficiency of using R&D resources in the OECD countries”; Phouphet Kyophilavong et al. (NUOL) “Environmental Kuznets Curve hypothesis in Lao PDR: The role of globalization and financial development”; Aaro Hazak et al. (TalTech) “Organisation of work, chronotype and fatigue: A study of creative knowledge employees”.

We had the honour of hosting esteemed professor of finance Ronald W. Anderson from London School of Economics, and renowned professor of macroeconomics, Michael Funke from the University of Hamburg as keynote speakers. Both Prof Ronald W. Anderson and Prof Michael Funke are members of the Advisory Committee of Project IKID and their presence provided excellent opportunities for the Project IKID team members for discussions with them. The keynote lecture by Prof Michael Funke focused on out-of-sync subnational housing markets and macroprudential policies and Prof Ronald W. Anderson addressed sequential negotiated sales of control in his keynote speech.


Keynote speech by Prof Ronald Anderson (LSE)


Keynote speech by Prof Michael Funke (University of Hamburg) 


Le Hoang Phong (HCMCUL) presenting his research at the ECEE conference

More photos from the conference


Aaro Hazak, Melita Sogomonyan, Merle Ojasoo (TalTech) and Phouphet Kyophilavong (NUOL) at post-conference meeting

Presenting research at the Institutional and Organisational Economics Academy

Institutional and Organizational Economics Academy (IOEA) is an annual key event in institutional economics, hosting this year in France in May 2019 Nobel Prize laureate Prof Eric Maskin, President of the Society for Institutional and Organizational Economics Prof Francine Lafontaine, UNIL Dean of the Faculty of Business and Economics Prof Jean-Philippe Bonardi and many other prominent speakers. Prof Aaro Hazak presented Project IKID research paper "Work arrangements, circadian rhythms and happiness in creative R&D employees" co-authored with PhD student Heili Hein and Senior Lecturer Marit Rebane.


Lecture by Nobel Prize laureate Prof Eric Maskin (Harvard University)


Lecture by Prof Jean-Philippe Bonardi (UNIL)


Presentation of the paper by Prof Aaro Hazak; discussants Prof Kathryn Shaw (Stanford University) and Dianzhuo Zhu (University of Paris Dauphine)

Project IKID team meets Nobel Prize winner Finn E. Kydland

Project IKID team at NUOL and exchange staff from TalTech had a discussion with Professor Finn E. Kydland, the 2004 laureate of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics, after his public lecture at NUOL. Our team had a chance to hear the views of Prof Kydland on issues of sustainable socio-economic development in emerging countries - a key focus area of Project IKID.


Chintana Khouangvichit, Merle Ojasoo, Eliis Salm, Melita Sogomonjan and others with Prof. Finn E. Kydland after his lecture at NUOL in March 2019

Knowledge transfer workshop in HCMCUL on law and trade issues

On 14 February 2019, HCMCUL organised a workshop for practitioners and researchers on law and trade in South East Asia with special focus on the energy sector development. Project IKID lead team from HCMCUL and UNIL had a key role in the workshop, enabling to communicate and discuss the topic areas and findings of our project with the Vietnamese and international scholars and practitioners attending the event. Prof Andreas R. Ziegler (UNIL) was leading the panel on international trade and investment regulation of the workshop, and Assoc. Prof. Tran Viet Dung(HCMCUL) lead the panel on the Vietnamese policy and regulatory framework.


Tran Viet Dung (HCMCUL) and Andreas R. Ziegler (UNIL) with some of the other participants of the workshop

Intersectoral knowledge transfer workshops with Cambodian partners

As part of the intersectoral communication and dissemination of Project IKID outcomes, during 14-18 January 2019, Tallinn Law School of Tallinn University of Technology organised in Tallinn knowledge transfer workshops for a group of visitors from the Cambodian Ministry of Economy and Finance. The visit was organised in cooperation of Project IKID partners and aimed to reach out to a wider public in Cambodia, establishing new professional contacts and cross-sectoral channels for knowledge transfer. The programme included workshops, discussions and lectures by experts in the field, incl. those from Tallinn University of Technology and National Bank of Estonia, former Prime Minister of Estonia and others. The event was held in an attractive setting, enabling the Cambodian delegation to visit different institutions in Estonia as well as Finland. The intersectoral communication and discussion of Project IKID topic areas was expanded during a meeting of Dr Lehte Roots from TalTech with the Cambodian Ministry of Civil Service representatives.


Representatives of Cambodian and Estonian ministries and Project IKID at workshops and meetings held at the Estonian Ministry of Finance (upper photo), TalTech (middle photo) and the Cambodian Ministry of Civil Service (bottom photo)

Research capacity building workshops at HCMCUL, RULE and NUOL

A series of workshops on research methodology, publishing research, and research management skills were held in January-February 2019 by TalTech and UNIL scholars at HCMCUL, RULE and NUOL. The aim was to enhance the skills of local researchers and advanced students on specific methodological issues in economics and legal research as well as on how to fund, manage and sustain research activities and publish research results. The workshops were held by professors Aaro Hazak, Andreas R. Ziegler, Lehte Roots, Thomas Hoffmann, Merle Ojasoo and Kirsti Rumma during their visits to the South-East Asian partner universities. These events provided valuable opportunities for the local researchers to engage in an interactive format and ask advice in problem areas that pose major obstacles in their research.


Research management workshop by Prof Aaro Hazak at HCMCUL


Dr Lehte Roots advised young scholars on legal research methodology at RULE


Workshop on specific mathematical methods in economic research by Dr Kirsti Rumma at HCMCUL

17 public lectures on topic areas of Project IKID held in 2017-2018

While project IKID is exactly half way through as at the end of 2018, we have held 18  lectures at the consortium partner universities to students and other interested parties on topic areas of the project. Public lectures will continue over 2019-2020. This is an important channel for communicating the project activities to a wider audience and informing young scholars of the fascinating opportunities that international research collaboration can provide. The 2017-2018 lectures to students have been held by Aaro Hazak (Head of the Project; at RULE and HCMCUL), Tanel Kerikmäe (Head of WP4; at RULE and HCMCUL); Andreas R. Ziegler (Head of WP6; at NUOL, RULE and HCMCUL), Karin Jõeveer (Head of WP3; at RULE and HCMCUL), Karsten Staehr (Head of WP5; at NUOL), Tran Viet Dung (at TalTech), Merle Ojasoo (at RULE), Agnes Käsper (at RULE), Archil Chochia (at HCMCUL), Maria Claudia Solarte-Vasquez (at RULE), Thomas Hoffmann (at HCMCUL), Lehte Roots (at HCMCUL). Many thanks to all the lecturers, participants and organisers!


Lecture by Prof Andreas R. Ziegler (UNIL) at HCMCUL in October 2018


Dr Lehte Roots (TalTech) with students at RULE


Lecture by Prof Andreas R. Ziegler (UNIL) at NUOL in November 2018

Knowledge transfer workshop with Cambodian regulatory practitioners

A workshop with Cambodian public sector lawyers was held in Tallinn in December 2018 to communicate the project IKID results and policy relevant issues to practitioners. The workshop was held at TalTech and Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament) – with the Ex-Prime Minister and current Member of Parliament of Estonia Mr Taavi Rõivas as special guest.
The visit and workshop aimed to reach out to a wider public in Cambodia, establishing new professional contacts for knowledge transfer, and the Cambodian visitors learned among other issues about innovative ICT-enabled solutions supporting efficient regulation and institutions.

Meeting at the Swiss Embassy in Vietnam

During his visit to Vietnam in November 2018, Prof Andreas R. Ziegler had a meeting at the Swiss Embassy to discuss synergies between diplomacy and academia regarding the institutions for knowledge intensive development and related economic and regulatory challenges in South-East Asia.

IKID 108

Prof Andreas R. Ziegler (UNIL) with HE Ambassador Beatrice Mallor Maser (Swiss Ministry of Foreign Economic Affairs) and her Deputy David Best

Three PhD theses defended on Project IKID research

October 2018 was very fruitful for the Project IKID team in PhD theses. Sopheak Srun (RULE) defended his PhD thesis on "Economic integration, foreign direct investment, and competitiveness of Cambodia" at the University of Toulon in France on 18 October 2018. Much of the research originates from his 12-month visit to TalTech under Project IKID. Simona Ferraro, who has been involved in Project IKID as local coordinator of the project activities at TalTech, defended her PhD thesis  “Essays on Education and Labour Economics” (supervisors Prof Kaire Põder, Prof Karsten Staehr, Assoc Prof Karin Jõeveer) on 25 October 2018 at TalTech. Her thesis is partially based on a paper published under Project IKID. Consodering that Peeter Maripuu defended his PhD thesis "Cyclicality, Corporate Investments and Financial Soundness: Evidence from Central and Eastern European Countries" (supervisors Prof Kadri Männasoo and Prof Aaro Hazak) that is partially based on Project IKID research at TalTech in the end of 2017, there are already three PhD theses defended on Project IKID research results. All the three theses acknowledge support from Project IKID. We are looking forward to further PhD theses defences in 2019 and 2020.


Defence of the PhD thesis by Simona Ferraro (in the middle) at TalTech in October 2018

Project IKID Research Seminars continue with guests from outstanding European universities and the European Commission

Following the Project IKID research seminars arranged by the TalTech Department of Economics and Finance in Spring 2017 and the 2017/2018 academic year, the seminar series continues in 2018/2019 with several prominent guests. In addition to TalTech scholars who present their recent research, we are pleased to host Prof Till Grüne Yanoff from the KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), Prof Kristof De Witte from KU Leuven (Belgium), Prof Ivo Bischoff from the University of Kassel (Germany), Dr Tilsa Oré-Mónago from the State University of New York at Stony Brook (USA) as well as Dr Natalie Lubenets from the DG ECFIN of the European Commission. Full schedule of the seminars is available here.


Exchange staff from NUOL, RULE and HCMCUL and TalTech researchers attending the Project IKID research seminar by Prof Ivo Bischoff at TalTech in September 2018

2018 Annual / Interim Meeting of Project IKID

Annual meeting of Project IKID was held in June 2018 in Tallinn as part of the 10th international ECEE conference, hosted by TalTech. This event functioned in parallel as the Interim Meeting of Project IKID with presence of the representatives of all the five partner universities, leaders of all the Work Packages, current secondees and the European Commission REA representative to present and discuss the progress, achievements and plans of Project IKID.

In addition, the event gave an opportunity for the visitors from NUOL, HCMCUL and RULE to listen to presentations of recent research output by international scholars, seek feedback on their research from the international participants and establish contacts for future cooperation with the conference participants from various universities worldwide.

We had the honour of hosting the Aalto Distinguished Professor of Finance and Finnish Academy Professor Matti Keloharju, author of numerous influential papers in behavioural finance, as keynote speaker at our 2018 conference. His speech focussed on the economics of low ability. Aki Lehtinen from the Academy of Finland TINT Centre of Excellence gave an interesting keynote speech on philosophical perspectives on macroeconomics.


Representatives of TalTech, UNIL; NUOL, HCMCUL and RULE, Work Package leaders, current secondees and the European Commission REA representative at the Interim Meeting


Keynote speech by Prof. Matti Keloharju (Aalto University)


Aki Lehtinen (University of Helsinki) giving a keynote speech

Summer courses

Project IKID visitors from RULE, NUOL and HCMCUL to TalTech had an excellent opportunity to participate in special courses by renowned experts from leading universities:

Topics in Behavioural Economics with Associate Professor Erik Angner from Stockholm University and Senior Researchers Emrah Aydinonat and Michiru Nagatsu from the University of Helsinki as the course instructors.

Current challenges in international economic negotiations, tauht by Professor Andreas R. Ziegler (University of Lausanne, Head of WP6 of Project IKID), followed by workshops to discuss papers by Project IKID visitors.

The three day event took place in June 2017 at the Tallinn University of Technology campus.


Participants and instructors of the Topics in Behavioural Economics course from Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Laos, Cambodia, Albania and Bosnia & Herzegovina.


Prof Andreas R. Ziegler delivering a course on Current challenges in international economic negotiations

Project IKID secondees attend a lecture by Nobel Prize winner Bengt Holmström

Project IKID secondees to Tallinn University of Technology attended a lecture by Professor Bengt Holmström (MIT), 2016 Nobel Prize winner in economic sciences. Prof Holmström gave a speech on "Beyond Pay for Performance" as part of his visit to Tallinn for the Annual Meeting of the Estonian Economic Association.


Souliphone Luanglath (NUOL) with Prof. Bengt Homström (MIT)


Meeting with Project IKID coordinator at NUOL

As part of his staff exchange visit to NUOL in February 2018, Professor Karsten Staehr (Head of WP5) discussed cooperation opportunities under Project IKID with Associate Professor Phouphet Kyophilavong, coordinator of Project IKID activities at NUOL. Prof. Staehr gave a series of seminars on research paper writing skills at NUOL and many researchers at NUOL had an opportunity to get detailed advice on econometric and other research related issues from Prof. Staehr. Several visitors from NUOL will soon come for staff exchanges to both TalTech and NUOL.


Professor Karsten Staehr (right) meeting with Associate Professor Phouphet Kyophilavong (left), coordinator of Project IKID at NUOL

Prof. Aaro Hazak meeting with the management of HCMCUL

During his staff exchange visit to HCMCUL in February 2018, Prof. Aaro Hazak, Head of Project IKID, had a meeting with the Rector of HCMCUL, Dr. Mai Hồng Quỳ; Dean and coordinator of Project IKID at HCMCUL, Dr. Trần Việt Dũng; and Director of the Academic Research and International Relations Office, Ms Huynh Thi Thu Trang. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the first year of cooperation under Project IKID and to make staff secondment and research cooperation plans for the current and next years. Prof. Hazak gave a public lecture in HCMCUL on "Institutions for Economic Development" to raise awareness among the HCMCUL students and staff on the topic areas of Project IKID. In addition, Prof. Hazak held economic research methodology seminars for HCMCUL researchers providing an opporunity for local scholars to seek feedback on their planned and ongoing research.


From left: Dr. Trần Việt Dũng (Dean and coordinator of Project IKID at HCMCUL), Ms Huynh Thi Thu Trang (Director of the Academic Research and International Relations Office), Dr. Mai Hồng Quỳ (Rector of HCMCUL), Prof. Aaro Hazak (Head of Project IKID)

Project IKID Asian theme party organized by the visiting scholars at TalTech

Chintana Khouangvichit, Souliphone Luanglath, Thanouxay Volavong and Sopheak Srun, the visiting scholars from Laos and Cambodia, organized a festive event to thank the Head of the Project, professors, coordinatiors and other colleagues at TalTech for their help and kindness during their stay at TalTech. The three guests from the National University of Laos have been at TalTech for almost a year now and are soon heading back to their home country. The visiting doctoral students prepared traditional Asian food and drink for everyone to enjoy during the event. In addition they introduced their home countries with presentations and local music. Kadri Männasoo, the Director of the Department of Economics and Finance and one of the leaders of the Project IKID, expressed graditude and wished all the best for the future to the visiting scholars on behalf of TalTech.


From left: Souliphone Luanglath, Chintana Khouangvichit, Sopheak Srun and Thanouxay Volavong introducing their home made traditional Asian dishes


 Guests attending the farewell party with traditional Asian food at TalTech

Meeting with the Rector and Vice Rectors of RULE

Prof. Tanel Kerikmäe met the Rector and Vice Rectors of RULE to discuss the activities and future stages of Project IKID. A doctoral programme at RULE is expected to be established in 2018 with Tallinn Law School scholars engaged as members of the council of the PhD programme and potential (co-)supervisors. Project IKID provides an excellent starting point for the PhD program and, for example, one of the recent visitors from RULE to TalTech was accepted to the Victoria University (Canada) after having enhanced research skills at TalTech. Prof. Kerikmäe had several working sessions with Advisor to the Rector, Laurent Messmann, and Vice Dean of the Law School, Prof. Rotha Ung. In addition, working meetings with the Center for the Study of Humanitarian Law (led by Mr. Soy Kimsan, coordinator of Project IKID at RULE) were held.


Prof. Tanel Kerikmäe (second right) with the Rector of RULE (second left), Head of the Department of International Relations (right) and Special Advisor to the Rector (left)

Knowledge transfer seminars to present Project IKID research results

In Autumn 2017, we held a series of public knowledge transfer seminars to practitioners, policy makers, students and other interested parties to presesent a summary of some of the main results of our research project on the links between institutional issues in work arrangements, R&D work outcome, and various aspects of individual wellbeing. These studies are based on our original repeated survey among Estonian creative R&D employees - applied and academic researchers, product and IT developers and engineers. Total 153 employees from 11 entities (private and public R&D companies, banks, IT and technology companies) were covered by the study. The summary results presented at the seminars and on a special webpage along with several Research Briefs referred from there aim to showcase the project outcomes, while the in-depth academic results have been presented at various international conferences (e.g. SIOE 2017, WORK 2017, NSC 2017) and seminars, and have been or will be published in leading academic journals (see Publications).

Link to the webpage


Prof. Tanel Kerikmäe meeting with the management of HCMCUL

Prof. Tanel Kerikmäe had a meeting with the Rector Mai Hong Qui, and Vice Rectors of HCMCUL to discuss the progress of the project. Topics discusses included the progress of two doctoral students of HCMCUL who are expected to graduate in 2018 under co-supervision of Tallinn Law School scholars, establishing an international academic journal in Vietnam (waiting for the licence from the government). The strategy for innovative, contemporary and market-oriented research was discussed in a special seminar with young scholars moderated by Dr. Trần Việt Dũng, Dean of the International Law Faculty at HCMCUL. In addition, Prof. Kerikmäe provided workshops related to research strategy and meetings were held with the Human Rights Centre of HCMCUL, led by Mr. Hóan Duong.


Prof. Kerikmäe conducting a research workshop for young scholars in HCMCUL

Project IKID Research Seminars continue with Dr Jeffrey Franks, Head of IMF Europe

The Project IKID Research Seminars which started in February 2017 and took place over the Spring semester every second week, will continue in the Autumn semester. We had the honour to host Dr Jeffrey Franks, the Director of the International Monetary Fund Europe Office during the first seminar of the Autumn semester, on 13 September 2017. He gave a very topical and interesting lecture on Economic Prospects For The Euro Area: Towards a Lasting Recovery?. For the schedule of next seminars, hosting Project IKID and other researchers, see here.


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2017 annual meeting of Project IKID

Annual meeting of Project IKID was held in June 2017 in Tallinn as part of the 9th international ECEE conference, hosted by TalTech. The event gave an opportunity for the visitors from NUOL, HCMCUL and RULE to listen to presentations of recent research output by international scholars, discuss their research plans with the international participants and establish contacts for future cooperation. The event brought together 85 researchers from various universities, including London School of Economics, Paris Business School, Helsinki University and many others. The keynote speaker of the event was Prof Josef C. Brada, renowned expert in transition economies, member of the Advisory Committee of Project IKID and editor of Comparative Economic Studies and Eastern European Economics – leading journals in economic transition studies.


From left: Hoai Nam Phan (HCMCUL), Thanouxay Volavong (NUOL), Hoai Huan Pham (HCMCUL), Prof Rotha Ung (RULE), Anneli Kalm (TalTech), Souliphone Luanglath (NUOL) and Chintana Khouangvichit (NUOL) at the 2017 annual meeting of Project IKID


Prof Rotha Ung (RULE), Hoai Nam Phan (HCMCUL) and Hoai Huan Pham (HCMCUL) discussing with Trond-Arne Borgersen (Ostfold College, Norway)


Keynote lecture by Prof Josef C. Brada

More photos from the event

Summer courses

Project IKID visitors from RULE, NUOL and HCMCUL to TalTech had an excellent opportunity to participate in three special courses by invited experts from leading universities:

Publishing in Top Economics and Finance Journals, by Prof. Ali M. Kutan (Southern Illinois University; Editor of Emerging Markets Finance and Trade; Member of the Advisory Committee of Project IKID)

Financial Markets and Economic Performance, by Kevin R. James (London School of Economics)

Financial Modelling, by Tal Mofkadi (Tel Aviv University)

The three day event took place in June 2017 at the Nelijärve lakeside resort in Northern Estonia.


Participants of the summer courses from Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Greece, Poland, Hungary, Latvia and Estonia


Hoai Nam Phan (HCMCUL), Chintana Khouangvichit (NUOL), Thanouxay Volavong (NUOL) and Prof Sophia Dimelis (Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece) discussing research proposals with guidance from Prof Ali M. Kutan


Prof Rotha Ung (RULE), Aleksander Gorzelak (National Research Institute, Poland), Prof Aaro Hazak (TalTech) and Hoai Huan Pham (HCMCUL) during a group work session

More photos from the event

Public lecture at RULE

During his one month visit to RULE, Professor Aaro Hazak delivered a public lecture on "Institutions for Economic Development" to raise awareness among the RULE students and staff on the topic areas of Project IKID. Despite the heavy rain and huge flooding on the streets of Phnom Penh many students had found possibilities to attend. This was the first event in the series of public lectures on Project IKID related topics to be given at the consortium partner countries.


On the way to the lecture with a tuk-tuk through the flooded streets

Workshop for Project IKID visitors

TalTech held a special workshop in March 2017 for Project IKID visitors to TalTech and our academic staff to present, discuss and give feedback on the ongoing research projects of the visitors from the South East Asian partner universities.


Participants of the workshop at TalTech

Meeting with the Rector of HCMCUL

Professor Tanel Kerikmäe met the Rector of HCMCUL, Dr. Mai Hồng Quỳ and awarded her with the acknowledgement letter of TalTech. The planned activities discussed during the meeting include, in addition to the exchange of academic staff, establishing a law journal with a South-East Asian transition focus, elaborating the new conceptual basis of the Vietnamese legal theory and contributing to the legal aspects of e-governance and e-commerce in Vietnam.


Meeting with the Rector of RULE

Prof Aaro Hazak had a meeting with the Rector of RULE, H.E. Dr. Luy Channa. They discussed the various opportunities for cooperation under Project IKID. The Rector of RULE found the project very beneficial for the development of research capabilities as well as international cooperation at RULE - the largest economics and law focussed university in Cambodia with ambitions to developing into the main research centre in its field in the country.


Gallery of Social Activities

On the pictures:

  • Estonia in winter - visitors from NUOL experiencing a car ride on an ice road over the sea;
  • Estonia in summer - visitors from HCMCUL, NUOL and RULE experiencing the Estonian sauna and a paddle boat ride on a lake during the Nelijärve summer courses;
  • Estonia in autumn - visitors from HCMCUL, NUOL and RULE in the Kadriorg Park and at the President Palace in Tallinn enjoying the time of golden leaves;
  • Estonia in spring - visitors from RULE in North Estonia, where waterfalls and old mansion parks are at their best in spring;
  • Estonia in autumn - visitors from RULE, HCMCUL and NUOL hiking in a swamp looking for mushrooms;
  • Estonia in summer - visitors from HCMCUL and NUOL with IKID team at traditional midsummer celebration.