Tallinn University of Technology

Innovation festival 2023

Estonia is today in a situation where the shortage of medical staff, the high cost of health services and the need for more efficient and personalised health care require the wider use of health technologies. TalTech has chosen health technologies as one of the focus topics of its research and development activities, which play an important role in the university's teaching (undergraduate, master's and doctoral studies) as well as in its research, development and innovation activities. We explore and teach how technologies can be used to maintain, improve and understand human health.

The aim of this year's TalTech Innovation Festival is to raise this topic in the field of health care and in the wider public. The focus of the festival is on health technologies and e-health, with the broader framework and message being: we do not have a lot of financial resources to promote and treat human health, and therefore new technologies must come along to help us do this in a sustainable and sustainable way.

The Innovation Festival will take place on Thursday, June 15 from 13:00-17:30 at TalTech Student House (Ehitajate tee 5, Tallinn). The day will be moderated by Kristjan Pihl (ERR).

During the Innovation Festival, guests will get an overview of Tallinn University of Technology's competences in the field of health technologies and e-health. TalTech addresses the development of the field in a unique way, linking different research groups from the School of Business and Governance, the School of Science, the School of Information Technologies and the School of Engineering.

The event is free of charge for participants, but registration is required. This is an Estonian-language-only event, the presentations will be recorded and made available on TalTech's YouTube channel.

Contact: innovatsioonifestival@taltech.ee