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In 2001, a research group was established by prof. Malle Krunks as a portion of the Department of Materials that focused on the development of chemical technologies for deposition of thin films. In 2011 the group was convened under the official name The Laboratory of Thin film Chemical Technologies. As of 2017, the laboratory operated as a division of the Department of Materials Science and Environmental Technology. Starting from 1st of March, 2023, the group has a new name: Laboratory for Thin Film Energy Materials.

The main research topic of the Laboratory for Thin Film Energy Materials is the development of metal oxide and sulphide thin films and nanostructured materials for solar cells, electronics and environmental applications by chemical technologies such as spray pyrolysis, chemical bath deposition and sol-gel. The technologies that are developed in the laboratory are simple, inexpensive and easily transferrable to industrial scale. A new type of ultra thin absorber based solar cell design and its component layers were developed in the laboratory and secured by several international patents.

Students have always been keen on participating in such a theme of research. We have offered opportunities to engage in complex subject studies for a number of bachelor, master, and doctoral students.

In addition to the technological equipment, the laboratory has the research capacity to analyse the composition, and the structural, optical and electrical properties of materials.


Laboratory for Thin Film Energy Materials is open to cooperation with both research institutions and enterprises.

Team memberrs

Group members

Research Description

• Development and fabrication of materials for photovoltaic application, and fabrication of test cells: extremely thin absorber solar cells, hybrid solar cells.

• Development and fabrication of materials for photocatalytic applications.

• Development and fabrication of wide bandgap metal oxide thin films for use in electronics, sensorics, application as passive or smart functional coatings, and more.


Research Projects

2024-2030 Center of Excellence GREENTECH TK210U8

2024-2027 Estonian Research Council financed R&D project Sustainable Antimony Chalcogenide Thin-Film Tandem Solar Technology MOB3PRT2

2023-2025 Development of Bismuth Chalcogenide Sustainable Thin Film PV Technology, VHE23028

2022-2026 COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology) Research and International Networking on Emerging Inorganic Chalcogenides for Photovoltaics (RENEW-PV) CA21148
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2021-2025 Personal research funding: Start-up grant (PSG) Bismuth Chalcogenide Thin-Film Disruptive Green Solar Technology for Next Generation Photovoltaics PSG689

2020-2026 European Commission project. ERA Chair Of Emerging Next-generation Photovoltaics 5GSolar VFP20035
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2020-2024 Team grant Antimony chalcogenide thin films for next-generation semi-transparent solar cells applicable in electricity producing windows PRG 627

2022-2024 Incoming postdoctoral grant (SJD) Development of NiOx Thin Films as Electrode Material for Semi-transparent Solar Cells 
2021-2023 Baltic-Nordic R&D project Development of semi-transparent bifacial thin film solar cells for innovative applications 
2016-2023 Graduate School Graduate School of Functional Materials and Technologies 
Center of Excellence Advanced materials and high-technology devices for sustainable energetics, sensorics and nanoelectronics.
French-Estonian collaboration  Development of the optical layers for improving the design and performances of the extremely thin absorber (ETA) hybrid photovoltaic cells based on ZnO nanowires.
Bulgarian-Estonian collaboration Wide band gap oxide semiconductors for photovoltaic applications.
R&D project Smart road covering.
R&D project Development and employment of solar electricity producing pavement. (Tallinn City Environmental and Municipal Engineering Services Department, Contract 19036KK)
2014-2019 Institutional Research Funding
 Thin films and nanomaterials by wet-chemical methods for next-generation photovoltaics.
2017-2018 Contract Testing of materials.
2017 Contract Nordic e-pavement
2013-2015 R&D project Metal oxide thin films by wet chemical methods for electronic devices
2012-2015 Estonian Science Foundation Research Grant Absorber layers by chemical spray pyrolysis for nanostructured solar cells
2012-2015 Estonian Science Foundation Research Grant Thin film solar cells on the basis of calcogenide layers deposited from water solution
2011-2015 Center of Excellence Mesosystems - Theory and Applications
2012-2014 R&D project Efficient plasmonic absorbers for solar cells
2010-2013 Estonian Science Foundation Research Grant Development of ZnO nanorods by chemical spray
2009-2013 European Commission financed project Development of flexible single and tandem II-VI based high efficiency thin film solar cells
2008-2013 Estonian Ministry of Education and Research financed R&D project Thin film and nanostructured materials by chemical methods
2009-2012 Estonian Science Foundation Research Grant Deposition of sol-gel derived metal oxide layers for optoelectronics
2008-2011 Center of Excellence  Centre of Excellence in PV materials
2007-2010 Estonian Science Foundation Research Grant Thin films and structures for photovoltaics by wet chemical deposition techniques
2003-2007 Estonian Ministry of Education and Research financed R&D project Chemistry and technology of nanocrystalline and submicronic thin films
2005-2006 Estonian Ministry of Education and Research financed R&D project Structures based on chemically sprayed ZnO nanorods
2003-2006 Estonian Science Foundation Research Grant Thin films and solar cells by chemical methods
2003-2005 Ministry of Education and Research of the Federal Republic of Germany financed project Low-cost processing of dielectric thin films
2001-2004 European Commission financed project A challenging solar cell concept - skilful intercalation of a nanostructured semiconductor by an extremely thin copper (indium) sulphide adsorber (ETA solar cells)
2000-2002 Estonian Science Foundation Research Grant Formation of semiconductor materials and growth of thin films by spray pyrolysis method
1998-2002 Estonian Ministry of Education and Research financed R&D project 
Polycrystalline semiconductor materials


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Principal research topic 2022

1. G. Hector, J.S. Eensalu, A. Katerski, H. Roussel, O. Chaix-Pluchery, E. Appert, F. Donatini, I. Oja Acik, E. Kärber, V. Consonni. (2022). Optimization of the Sb2S3 Shell Thickness in ZnO Nanowire-Based Extremely Thin Absorber Solar Cells. Nanomaterials, 12

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Collaboration 2022

1. Tiismus, H.; Kallaste, A.; Vaimann, T.; Lind, L.; Virro, I.; Rassõlkin, A.; Dedova, T. (2022). Laser Additively Manufactured Magnetic Core Design and Process for Electrical Machine Applications. Energies, 15 (10), #3665.

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Principal research topic 2021

1. Z. Chen, T. Dedova, I. Oja Acik, M. Danilson, M. Krunks. Nickel oxide films by chemical spray: Effect of deposition temperature and solvent type on structural, optical, and surface properties. Applied Surface Science, 548 (2021)

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Collaboration 2021

1. A. Abdalla, E. Kärber, V. Mikli, S. Bereznev. The effect of laser fluences on the structural and optoelectronic properties of Zn(O,Se) films. Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 121 (2021)

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Principal research topic 2020

1. A.T. Oluwabi, D. Gaspar, A. Katerski, A. Mere, M. Krunks, L. Pereira, I. Oja Acik. Influence of post-UV/Ozone treatment of Ultrasonic-Sprayed Zirconium Oxide Dielectric Films for a Low-Temperature Oxide Thin Film Transistor. Materials 13 (2020)

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Collaboration 2020

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Principal research topic 2019

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Collaboration 2019

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Principal research topic 2018

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Collaboration 2018

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Principal research topic 2017

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Collaboration 2017

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Principal research topic 2016

1. S. Polivtseva, I. Oja Acik, A. Katerski, A. Mere, V. Mikli, M. Krunks. Tin sulfide films by spray pyrolysis technique using L-cysteine as a novel sulfur source. Physica Status solidi c, 2016, no.1, 18-23. 

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Collaboration 2016

1. A. Tamm, I. Oja Acik, T. Arroval, A. Kasikov, H. Seemen, M. Marandi, M. Krunks, A. Mere, K.  Kukli, J. Aarik. Plasmon resonance effect caused by gold nanoparticles formed on titanium oxide films. Thin Solid Films, 616 (2016) 449-455.  

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Principal research topic 2015

1. T. Dedova, I. Gromõko, M. Krunks, M. Grossberg, I. Sildos, K. Utt, R. Vessart, T. Unt. Spray pyrolysis deposition and characterization of highly c-axis oriented hexagonal ZnS nanorod crystals. Crystal Research &Technology, 2015, 50(1) 85-92.

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Collaboration 2015:

1.     Klauson, D.; Gromyko, I.; Dedova, T.; Pronina, N.; Krichevskaya, M.; Budarnaja, O.; Oja Acik, I.; Volobujeva, O.; Sildos, I.; Utt, K. Study of photocatalytic activity of zinc oxide nanoneedles, nanorods, pyramids and hierarchical structures obtained by spray pyrolysis. Mater. Sci. Semicond. Process., 2015, 31, 315-324.

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3.     Pilvet, M.; Kauk-Kuusik, M.; Altosaar, M.; Grossberg, M.; Danilson, M.; Timmo, K.; Mere, A.; Mikli, V. Compositionally tunable structure and optical properties of Cu1.85(CdxZn1 -x)1.1SnS4.1 (0 ≤ x ≤ 1) monograin powders. Thin Solid Films, 582 (2015) 180-183. 

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Principal research topic 2014

1. I. Oja Acik, L. Dolgov, M. Krunks, A. Mere, V. Mikli, S. Pikker, A. Loot, I. Sildos. Surface plasmon resonance caused by gold nanoparticles formed on sprayed TiO2 films. Thin Solid Films, 553 (2014) 144-147. 

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Collaboration 2014:

1. Klauson, D.; Budarnaja, O.; Stepanova, K.; Krichevskaya, M.; Dedova, T.; Käkinen, A.; Preis, S. (2014). Selective performance of sol-gel synthesised titanium dioxide photocatalysts in aqueous oxidation of various-type organic pollutants. Kinetics and Catalysis, 55(1) (2014) 47 - 55. 

Defended Theses

2023, Robert Krautmann. Development of Sb2Se3 and Sb2S3 Thin Film Solar Cells by Close-Spaced Sublimation. Supervisors: Nicolae Spalatu, Ilona Oja Acik.

2023,  Jekaterina Sydorenko. Development of Spray-Pyrolysis – Synthesised TiO2 Thin Films for Photocatalytic Degradation of Volatile Organic Compounds in Air. Supervisors: Ilona Oja Acik, Marina Kritševskaja

2022, Zengjun Chen. Development of ZnO Nanorod and NiO Thin Film Based Materials for Photocatalytic Applications. Supervisors: Malle Krunks, Tatjana Dedova.

2022, Jako Siim Eensalu. Deposition of Sb2S3 Thin Films by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis for Photovoltaic Applications. Supervisors: Malle Krunks, Ilona Oja Acik.

2021, Ibrahim Dündar. TiO2 Thin Films by Ultrasonic Spray Pyrolysis for Photocatalytic Air-Cleaning Applications. Supervisors: Ilona Oja Acik, Malle Krunks, Atanas Katerski.

2020, Abayomi Titilope Oluwabi, High-κ Metal Oxide Thin Film by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis: From Optimization of Material Properties to Application in Thin Film Transistor. Supervisors: Ilona Oja Acik, Malle Krunks, Arvo Mere.

2018, Inga Gromõko. ZnO Nanostructured Layers by Wet Chemical Deposition Methods: Growth, Surface Properties, Photocatalytic Capability. Supervisors: Tatjana Dedova, Malle Krunks, Ilona Oja Acik. 

2018, Svetlana Polivtseva. Tin Sulfide Films by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis: Formation and Properties. Supervisors: Malle Krunks; Ilona Oja Acik, Atanas Katerski.

2017, Merike Kriisa. Study of ZnO:In, Zn(O,S) and Sb2S3 Thin Films Deposited by Aerosol Methods. Supervisors: Malle Krunks, Ilona Oja Acik.

2017, Nicolae Spalatu. 
Development of CdTe Absorber Layer for Thin-Film Solar Cells. Supervisors: Jaan Hiie; Malle Krunks, Valdek Mikli.

2015, Natalia Maticiuc. 
Mechanism of changes in the properties of chemically deposited CdS thin films induced by thermal annealing. Supervisors: Jaan Hiie, Tamara Potlog.

2014, Erki Kärber. 
Properties of ZnO-nanorod/In2S3/CuInS2 Solar Cell and the Constituent Layers Deposited by Chemical Spray Method. Supervisor: Malle Krunks, Arvo Mere.

2012, Kairi Otto. 
Deposition of In2S3 Thin Films by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis. Supervisor: Malle Krunks.

2011, Atanas Katerski. 
Chemical Composition of Sprayed Copper Indium Disulfide Films for Nanostructured Solar Cells. Supervisor: Malle Krunks.

2007, Tatjana Dedova. 
Chemical Spray Pyrolysis Deposition of Zinc Sulfide Thin Films and Zinc Oxide Nanostructured Layers. Supervisor: Malle Krunks.

2007, Ilona Oja Açik. 
Sol-Gel Deposition of Titanium Dioxide Films. Supervisor: Malle Krunks.

2006, Arvo Mere. 
Structural and Electrical Properties of Spray Deposited Copper Indium Disulphide Films for Solar Cells. Supervisor: Malle Krunks.

2004, Olga Kijatkina. Deposition of Copper Indium Disulphide Films by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis. Supervisor: Malle Krunks.

2021, Madhawa Basnayaka, Post deposition annealing effect on properties of chemically deposited CdS films and performance of Cds/Sb2Se3 solar cells. Supervisor: Nicolae Spalatu

2021, Mykhailo Koltsov, Effect of TiO2 annealing conditions on the performance of antimony selenide thin film solar cell. Supervisors: Nicolae Spalatu, Atanas Parashkevov Katerski

2021, Tero Tuomas Lahtinen, Encapsulation of yttrium oxyhydride with thin film of Al2O3 or TiO2 grown by atomic layer deposition. Supervisors:  Merike Kriisa, Smagul Karazhanov

2021, Oluwatobi Moses Olowosokedile, Encapsulation of yttrium oxyhydride with TiO2 thin films deposited by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis. Supervisors:  Merike Kriisa, Smagul Karazhanov

2020, Kaur Ots, Development of solar panels for marine applications. Supervisors: Arvo Mere, Ander Pukk (Naps Solar OÜ)

2020, Sepideh Safdari, Development of Sb2S3 thin film absorber by close-spaced sublimation for thin film solar cells applications. Supervisors: Nicolae Spalatu, Robert Krautmann

2020, Amirhossein Palizgar, Optimization of Sb2Se3 thin film absorber growth protocol and its application in solar cells. Supervisors: Nicolae Spalatu, Atanas Katerski

2020, Richard Chinedu Chukwu, Study on the photocatalytic activity of hydrothermally grown ZnO nanorods on the degradation of different dye pollutants. Supervisor: Tatjana Dedova

2020, Siddharth Ashok Kumar, Sb2S3 thin films from an alternative metal organic precursor by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis. Supervisor: Jako Siim Eensalu

2020, Dmitri Ivanov, Gas-phase photocatalytic activity of spray-pyrolysis-synthesized TiO2 thin films modified by increased amount of acetylacetone in precursor solution. Supervisors: Marina Kritsevskaja, Jekaterina Spiridonova

2019, Nwadialor Vivian Nwaokolo. Spray deposition of tin (IV) oxide thin films for photovoltaic applications (Tinaoksiidi õhukesed kiled pihustuspürolüüsi meetodil päikesepatareidele). Supervisor: Atanas Parashkevov Katerski

2019, Robert Krautmann. Development of Sb2Se3 thin film solar cells by close-spaced sublimation. Supervisors: Nicolae Spalatu, Ilona Oja Açik.

2019, Khalil Omotosho. Spray deposited aluminum oxide thin films for electronic applications. Supervisors: Abayomi Titilope Oluwabi, Ilona Oja Açik.

2018, Ikechukwu Okpara. Deposition and properties of ZnS:Mn thin films and nanostructured layers by spray pyrolysis. Supervisors: Tatjana Dedova, Inga Gromõko.

2018, Jude Awele Okolie. Deposition and Properties of MoO3 for hybrid solar cells. Supervisor: Atanas Katerski.

2018, Kirill Balmassov. Gold nanoparticles decorated ZnO nanostructured layers by hydrothermal growth for photocatalytic applications. Supervisors: Tatjana Dedova, Atanas Katerski.

2018, Zengjun Chen. TiO2 thin films by ultrasonic spray pyrolysis. Supervisors: Ilona Oja Acik, Ibrahim Dündar.

2017, Marvin Üürike. Impact of CdS impurities on the performance of CdTe based solar cell. Supervisors: Natalia Maticiuc, Nicolae Spalatu, Jaan Hiie.

2017, Jako Siim Eensalu. Study of ZnO:Al Thin Films Deposited by Chemical Spray. Supervisors: Malle Krunks; Inga Gromõko.

2016, Ibrahim Dündar. Nb doped TiO2 thin films by chemical spray pyrolysis. Supervisors: Ilona Oja Acik, Atanas Katerski.

2016, Abayomi Titilope Oluwabi. Zirconium doped titanium dioxide thin films by chemical spray pyrolysis. Supervisors: Ilona Oja Acik, Albert Owino Juma.

2015, Tarmo Unt. Structural, optical and electrical properties of NiO thin films prepared by chemical spray pyrolysis. Supervisors: Arvo Mere, Erki Kärber.

2015, Mart Kukk. Semiconductor films' thickness measurement and mapping using spectroscopic reflectometer. Supervisors: Erki Kärber, Arvo Mere.

2014, Inga Gromõko, ZnO nanostructured layers by wet-chemical deposition methods. Supervisors: Tatjana Dedova, Malle Krunks.

2014, Gboyega Nathaniel Oyekoya. Chemical spray deposition of Au-nanoparticles and TiO2:Au films. Supervisors: Ilona Oja Acik, Atanas Katerski.

2013, Jaanika Soon, NiO thin films by chemical spray pyrolysis. Supervisor: Malle Krunks.

2012, Merike Kriisa. Deposition of ZnO and ZnO:In thin films by chemical spray on glass and polymeric substrates. Supervisor: Malle Krunks.

2012, Agne Junolainen, Ultra-thin and doped TiO2 films by spray pyrolysis method. Supervisors: Ilona Oja Acik, Malle Krunks.

2012, Aleksadr Graf. A Study of the Temperature Dependence of Electrophysical Properties of CdS Thin Films. Supervisors: Jaan Hiie, Aleksei Gavrilov.

2010, Natalia Maticiuc, Obtinerea si studierea proprietatilor fizice ale straturilor subtiri de CdS depuse prin CBD (Obtaining and physical properties study of CBD CdS thin films). Supervisors:  Jaan Hiie, Tamara Potlog.

2009, Erki Kärber. Electrical parameters of thin films by Van der Pauw - Hall and Kelvin probe methods. Supervisor: Arvo Mere.

2009, Federico Quinci, Ottimizzazione delle proprieta' elettriche di film sottili in solfuro di cadmio (cds) per applicazioni fotovoltaiche (Optimization of the electrical properties of cadmium sulphide (CdS) thin films for photovoltaic applications.). Supervisor: Jaan Hiie.

2007, Katri Muska. Influence of bath composition and annealing on the properties of CdS films deposited from chloride solution. Supervisor: Jaan Hiie.

2007, Jelena Klauson. ZnO thin films by continous and pulsed spray methods. Supervisor: Malle Krunks.

2003, Ilona Oja. TiO2 thin films by sol gel process. Supervisor: Malle Krunks.

2001, Helen Rebane. CuInS2 õhukesed kiled keemilise pihustamise meetodil. Supervisor: Malle Krunks.

2000, Olga Bijakina. ZnO thin films by chemical spray pyrolysis. Supervisor: Malle Krunks.

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