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Internship abroad

The students of the Maritime Academy (EMERA) have the possibility to apply for Erasmus+ scholarships for internships, if the location of the internship is located in a country belonging to the Erasmus+ programme. The internship may be conducted in whatever kind of institution (with the exception of European Union institutions).

It is permissible to receive a salary at the same time with the scholarship.

The internship must be at least 2 months long and not last longer than 6 months. A student, in the framework of the same degree, can use the Erasmus+ scholarship for studying and doing internships abroad for a total of up to 12 months.

Internship applications can be presented throughout the year. Apply at the latest one month before the start of the internship!

Generally the student is responsible for finding the place of internship. Further information about internships can be found here.


  • who are matriculated as a student of the EMERA;

  • whose programme of studies foresees an internship and for which at least 1 ECTS credit can be recorded in the study results;

  • where the length of the internship is 2-6 months;

  • who have been allowed to go on an internship and who have a signed agreement from the place of internship.

NB! Your internship must end the latest on the 15th of May (if graduating in the summer) and the latest 15th of December (if graduating in winter), in case you are doing your internship in the last year before graduation. That gives you sufficient time to have the credits transferred to your study results.


Can I apply for an Erasmus+ scholarship if my internship lasts for longer than 6 months?

Yes, you can. You then have the possibility to apply for several Erasmus+ scholarships. Contact kairi.remmel-lilleberg@taltech.ee for more detailed information.

How do I obtain my ECTS credits, if I have applied for several scholarships (e.g. I make 2 contracts for applying for a scholarship and work on 2 different ships for 10 months)?

You will obtain your ECTS credits when the internship on the different ships takes place uninterrupted. In other words both voyages must take place one after the other and you cannot interrupt any of them prematurely (even if the internship period is fulfilled earlier). The student, in such a case, will receive the ECTS credits attributed to the internship. Your ECTS credits obtained, will be divided between the Erasmus contracts after the internship defence (each internship contract must be covered by at least 1 ECTS credit).

I found out that my previously agreed upon time for the internship will be changed, what must I do?

In such cases contact the Mobility Centre immediately (kerli.roosimaa@taltech.ee)

What happens if my internship ends earlier than specified in the contract?

According to the Erasmus+ scholarship conditions the internship must last for at least 2 months (60 days). Immediately inform the Mobility Centre (kerli.roosimaa@taltech.ee) of all changes to the agreed upon contract conditions.

Can an Erasmus+ scholarship be used for completing an internship on a vessel flying the Estonian flag?

An internship performed in Estonia is not a foreign internship. In selecting a place of internship be convinced under what flag the internship partner (that signs the Erasmus documents) is. The internship partner must be from among the following countries

When to submit an application?

Internship application can be presented throughout the year – apply at the latest one month prior to the start of the internship! Applications must be submitted as early as possible, prior to going on the internship, to avoid being refused a scholarship. If you have the desire to go on an internship in the spring/summer, take into consideration that vacations may prolong the review of the application.